The catch is that you still need to put in all the required hours for the project. For Chemistry and Biochemistry, this is not the case. Each Project course is designed for students in that particular stream. If a student is supervised by a Biology graduate faculty member whose primary graduate program is not Biology, at least one the other Supervisory Committee member must be from the Biology Department. While each specialized program in the Department of Biology centres on a prescribed core of courses, students have the opportunity to take a broad variety of elective courses so as to acquire an understanding of the multifaceted nature of biology today. If they take you on, they are taking a very personal interest in your development and future success. Each year, different field course modules are available to York U students in locations around the world, on a wide diversity of ecology topics.

Please make the deposit payable to York University and only certified cheques and money orders accepted. If you’ve checked out their website, you should know what they are doing This includes both full-time 2 years maximum and part-time 2 years maximum registration. The prerequisites for field courses are indicated in the module descriptions; you must have the necessary prerequisite courses to enrol. This course runs annually, some time in July, from Monday to Friday 8: Quite often some projects just can’t be done in 4 months

The research project involves a significant investment of time and effort in the laboratory or field. Students should also note that listing 2nd and 3rd choices in their applications are also committed to those courses should they be placed into them.


Department of Biology

The short answer is No. Students should submit a draft to supervisor at least 3 weeks ahead of the exam.

The supervisor must determine if the External Examiner is willing to participate and provide a copy of the dissertation at least 4 weeks prior to the exam. The field boology fee might or might not cover the cost of transportation to the field site, please consult the module description for details.

A bus leaves the main Keele campus everyday between 7: The statement should contain details about each publication: Once they tell you to call them as such, by all means, please do. Biology has 3 options: This is a copyright law.

yorku honours thesis biology

See article in YFile. Students are immersed for two weeks in a field setting where they honuors field methods, how to collect data, how to conduct field experiments, and the natural history and ecology of plants and animals. I encourage you to explore the wide range of possibilities offered by Biology and I offer my best wishes for success. Each program is slightly different: Gerald Audette audette yorku. A professor is a docotor – they have earned a Ph.

Department of Biology

Students are encouraged to propose an experimental strategy to test the hypothesis with clearly articulated possible outcomes and limitations. Academic petitions and appeals in the Faculty of Yorju Studies are governed by the Senate Guidelines. The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides crucial information to current students as they progress through their degree, from registrarial processes to graduation. This deposit is a thesiis payment of the field course fee.

All Ontario Universities teach 2-week field courses that are worth 3 credits.


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Think of it this way This includes both full-time 2 years maximum and part-time 2 years maximum registration. Biology, the science of life is concerned with the structure and function of biooogy, their evolution and ecology. Preliminary Examination within 20 months of beginning their M.

We strive to inspire and engage our students through lectures, laboratory courses, field courses, and independent study programs. They have also put in a few years as a Postdoctoral Fellow before joining the Faculty here at York, and may have even been professors at other universities. If you present yourself as unprofessional, you will be treated as such.

York University contributes a course to this program each year, and we reserve places for our own students yonours this one course. This means that you would be full-time in the lab for the SU-only project. Each Project course is designed for students in that particular stream.

yorku honours thesis biology

The catch is that you still need to put in all the required hours for the project. A research proposal outlines the recent pertinent literature, describes the objectives of the research project, outlines the experimental approach, and clearly states the significance of the research to the field. This can establish a more effective working relationship, avoid misunderstandings and better facilitate the student’s timely progress through the program. Learn more about field courses offered by one of these institutions here.