Once these villagers set foot on a big city, they find it hard to adjust to the new life. There are many steps to be done before, during and after the wedding ceremony. It not only makes one feel bored and lazy but it also fills him or her with despair. Others advocate a capitalist economy where all, ornearly all, enterprises are privately owned. I often give my friends present on their birthdays. He took out his exam papers which were blank with no answers on them.

Supercritical Carbon No Carefully: Describe a school experience which has really marked you. The city now is crammed with people and vehicles. However, the exactdefinition of business is disputable as is business philosophy; for example, some Marxists use “means of production” as a rough synonym for “business”; however a more accurate definition of “means of production” would be theresources and apparatus by which products and services are created. Cinema For the first twenty years of motion picture history most silent films wereshort—only a few minutes in length. Moroccan people are a heterogeneous group par excellence. Useful Classroom Expressions for Teachers September 11,

For instance, when children see their mothers being beaten or scolded by their or parents, alcoholism, or drug-addiction. They do everything in a rush for fear that they would run out of time.

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Another thing is that these people see life from a dark side. Following that, they used the telegraph. At dawn, many cars in cavalcade leave for the hotel where writin new couple is supposed to spend the night. Also, the country is home to a considerably large Jewish community, and a essah of Christians, as well. About Bac2 Space Advertise with us Contact us. The films on the list above represent the greatestachievements of the silent era, which ended—after years of experimentation—in when a means of recording sound that would be synchronous with the recordedimage was discovered.


The walls had bad writings on them, the rooms were dirty and unsuitable for learning and the windows were broken.

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They are also vulnerable to sexual abuse. We wanted to change the way the classroom looked. And whatare the causes of migrations out of the negative impact?

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Summarise the points discussed and give your opinion all in all, in conclusion, in other words, in short, in summary, on the whole, that is, therefore, to sum up. Pollution Many cities around the world today are heavily polluted.

Women used to bring up the children and writint the housework like cooking, cleaning, and laundry manually.

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Soon they are on to harder drugsWithout education they have little hope of getting a decent job or building a better life in the future. A long and healthy life, as measured by life expectancy at birth. There are several definitions and all usually mention the increasing connectivity of economies and ways of life across the world.

Due to the cold, Essa put on my coat. In brief, the role of women has improved enormously. Cake and tea are served to the visitors before and after.

Bac2 Most Common Exam Writing Types – PART2 ( Letter & Email Writing )

The HDI measures the average achievements in a country in three basic dimensions wriiting human development: On the other hand, if used excessively, the mobile can cause harm to people.


Stressed people are moody, bad-tempered and irritable.

Exercises chains Solved in physics BAC. A simple sentence is a sentence which has a subject and a verb. Should the animals be used for scientific research? The distance which separate school from home can be a cause for refraining from school. Racism 2 Turkish children playing in a muddy courtyard; faces of Essy girls pressed against the windows of dirty barracks; security guards with their guns standing near the fences.

Inpredominantly capitalist economies, businesses are typically formed to earnprofit and grow the personal wealth of their owners. It undoubtedly affects development and prosperity. Also it should setplan to improve the educational system to most attainable one that open mindsand doors. The next stage, I was prevalent to get into an environmental population class which surprised on distinct whine, but the old disappointed the research.

Secondly it can be seen in terms of its effects on the countryside and environment. Are we the prisoners of the progress? You can also read the application from the original English articles in different materials that are usually put forward in Writing BAC tests or in any job interview.