Academic standards of eligibility for participation in school sponsored co-curricular student activities, including athletics and fine arts, are established as follows:. Only students who attend WGMS may attend the dance. ELA 7 is balanced and comprehensive. Thank you for your help and support! Pajamas and slippers may not be worn. Lockers are the property of West Genesee and are on loan to students during the school year. Unless these immunizations are complete, school authorities have an obligation to exclude those children from school.

The class is open to all grade levels, but due to a high level of interest, space is limited. Our counselors provide support in a variety of areas including personal, social and academic planning. During Homework center, students are able to complete homework, work as an individual or group, use library resources, check out books, use computers and printers. Individuals, other than the West Genesee employees, will be considered reliable informants if they have previously supplied information that was accurate and verified, they make an admission against their own interest, they provide the same information that is received independently from other sources, or they appear to be credible and the information they are communicating relates to an immediate threat to safety. They do not receive a rotating vocal lesson. Upon Notice of Assessment or Reassessment, Teachers and applicable Service Providers from the Special Education Department assess the student in order to determine eligibility.

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They do not receive a rotating vocal lesson. It is an attempt to modify behaviors from unacceptable to acceptable levels.

Cast List Annie Jr. Each student at West Genesee School is assigned to one of our school counselors in sixth grade and remains with that counselor through grade 8.


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Dances begin at 6: Learn more about Choir Instructor Sarah Duarte. Some of the areas explored include hand drawn and computer aided design of two- and three-dimensional media. Lost or damaged materials become the financial obligation of the student.

Students will be permitted to attend field trips provided they have demonstrated the ability to behave appropriately. These offenses include, but are not limited, to the following:. Only students who attend WGMS may attend the dance. Thank you for your help and support!

Most dances are on Friday evenings. Learning at WGMS continues outside of the academic day.

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Assignments are completed in small groups and are completely digital. An error has occurred on this page. Warning smokers of the impending arrival of a staff member E. Westward expansion is the next theme, and students will review the effect it had on Native Americans, the land as well as other nations.

In addition, all teachers have the support of 1 or more Instructional Associates Paraeducators. A solid transition from middle school to high school better prepares students to continue their studies in the academically challenging years of high school. No hats, head gear or coats are to be worn during the school day.

Field trips generally become a regular part of the school day; and as such, all school rules apply. Log in as a guest.

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In addition to working with controller driven robots, students will program robots to autonomously perform a variety of actions. Students continue to practice using math skills to solve word problems and to think creatively and analytically. In order to build a solid foundation, we begin the semester learning the fundamentals of listening and speaking.


In this course, students begin to see how algebraic concepts add a new dimension to the understanding of geometry and conversely, how Geometry gives substance to Algebra.

All middle school High School Equivalency courses are as rigorous as the onliine high school course. Every student in the Yearbook class is assigned yearbook pages, and develop writing, editing, graphic design and layout skills as well as individual, team, and group responsibility.

Students are prohibited from sharing lockers or locker combinations. Punishable Offenses The following is a list of punishable offenses as defined by law or by West Genesee Middle School regulations.

In this second year French class, students continue to wfms the skills learned in Frenchwhile the level of work advances. Many of these students switch to the Introduction to French class the following semester.

wgms homework online

Let’s keep it going! Art is a mixed-grade level semester or year-long course during which students use the visual arts to help enhance identity and self-expression, looking through many world cultures. Extremely motivated students may take High School Equivalent French and Spanish in the 7th and 8th grade. This year-long class is a High School Equivalency class that fulfills one year of the high school graduation requirement for world language.