Some of the responses given were: The site of analysis is a primary school in the Western Cape Province, which is among the first schools in South Africa to have introduced a no-homework policy. There is no homework in Finland. How to cite this article. In contrast an interesting research-based homework guideline were created, which teachers could follow as given by Marzano and Pickering

Take a listen as Pippa Hudson talks education innovation with the principals of Cape schools leading the way: Homework is a complicated thing. The Journal of Educational Research, 99 1: Methodology This case study is an interpretive form of research producing qualitative data, by way of an interview with a Grade Four teacher, Grade Seven teacher and the head of curriculum. Cited by Google Similars in Google. Despite different beliefs about and approaches to homework, I know that perceptions of teacher warmth and care are essential to learners’ engagement in school Wentzel,

Researchers argue that there is achievement through aspects of homework assignments e.

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In light of this, Cooper and Valentine view homework as having positive effects by enhancing retention, increasing the understanding of course material, increasing study skills, increasing positive attitudes toward school, increasing beliefs about the importance of learning outside homewoek classroom, increasing independence and responsibility, and facilitating parental involvement and appreciation of the children’s school-related work.

Differentiating homework time, homework frequency, and homework effort.

However, I argue that the most important advantage of homework is that it can enhance achievement by extending learning beyond the school ppolicy. By this, we mean that we regard the relationship between teacher and child as impacting learning way more than any curriculum, facilities or resources. Also help your older child with homework, if asked.

Development, motivational antecedents, and the association with effort on classwork.

Listeners and members of the studio audience fielded questions to the principals during the engaging discussion. Contact us to book a tour hokework experience our school in action. Self-regulation of homework completion. How school troubles come home: With this purpose in mind, homework practices should either reflect or contribute to students’ achievements in relation to their socioeconomic homewokr cultural background, which in turn ought to identify the demographic and other variables associated with students’ homework practices.


With this poliicy, Trautwein and his colleagues found that when students made an effort in their homework they were motivated to complete their homework. For example, receiving input from their own high school. The prominent contributing factors of the no-homework practice that were identified were: What students say about homework – views from a secondary school science classroom in Trinidad and Tabago.

I was more interested in the wealth of information I gathered from the teachers and the head of curriculum than the ability to generalise the current findings to other studies, or to test my study against specific hypotheses driven by particular theories of education. Published under a Creative Commons Ohmework Licence.

Grade, gender, and achievement-level differences. There appears to be disagreements at play, where researchers share an understanding that appropriate development and the support of homework tasks strengthens academic achievement, particularly in senior primary school and high school Bempechat et al.

In this study, I considered other teaching tools that have replaced the no-homework approach, since the learners are no longer receiving homework. Finally, the WCED suggests that all schools ought to strive to administer homework at a reasonable and appropriate level, so that it is not too difficult, too easy, too confusing, or too boring for the learners.

Homework policy review: A case study of a public school in the Western Cape Province

Keep all the homework equipment in a box so you do not have to look for it every day. According to the provincial guidelines document ofwhich serves as a framework for schools on homework supplied by the Western Cape Education Department WCED,homework is managed effectively with thorough, co-ordinated planning, guidance and control by all role players.


The High School Journal, 96 1: Accountability being one of our main values, classes have community chosen boundaries in place that children are held accountable to maintain. Parents saying that their home is no longer a battle field.

How should principals handle difficult learners?


Development, motivational antecedents, and the association with effort on classwork. As parents your children will follow your lead, they will follow what you do, not necessarily what you say, and if the two are not aligned, they will pick it up. Reading is bonding time, policu is more relaxed and they read together.

I found that there was no significant contribution to the homework condition, which I will consider in my discussion of the results. When asked why a no-homework policy was introduced at the school, the answer given homeworrk that the principal attended conferences in the United States and in Finland, both of which have a no-homework policy. Using research to answer practical questions about homework.

Homework motivation and engagement throughout compulsory education. Everything done in class is independent learning. Rethinking the value and format of homework Researchers like Kralovec and Buell assert that homework in the American culture overvalues work to polocy detriment of personal and family wellbeing.

wced homework policy