The audience learns that his natural sense of justice is oppressed by the practices on the dock, ultimately controlled by Johnny Friendly. She encourages him to challenge the deaf and dumb code which is extremely dangerous in the context of the mob control. They also seem to have the fatalistic belief that they cannot challenge the mob, and to do so almost certainly leads to death. This informs that it requires lots of courage and many difficulties have been overcame for Terry to be at where he stands currently, finally ready to fight Johnny Friendly. What are you searching for? His confrontation with the beggar serves as a literal representation of his lack of confidence and self worthy.

But overall, the vocab and language was good. He takes their values for granted and at first lives and dies by their immoral code. Overall, the essay was quite good. Blind obedience is the norm until the main characters, Edie, Terry and Father Barry start to influence and encourage those around them to agitate and seek change. Hence, Father Barry acts as a change agent to the waterfront society to stand up to for the truth; otherwise they will live a tortured existence with cowardly souls.

Note the esaay between Edie and the longshoremen that reflects the different effects of the environment; Father Barry and church: Edie is also a product of the religious environment in which she studies and lives.

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Joey Doyle, Kayo Dugan and possibly Andy decide, rightly, that they should stand up to achieve justice. She could be seen to be a product of her religious environment.

vce on the waterfront essay questions

A member of the Union from a young age, Terry takes for granted his allegiance to the mob esasy presumes as do most of the longshoremen that this is the only way they can survive. Nevertheless, the film resolves with a type of triumph for the protagonist only when he finally acts up on his conscience to decide for himself what is right and wrong.


This is disorienting for the audience.

On the Waterfront – Making Sense for a Change

The director shows that many of the individuals on the waterfront appear as products of their environment. Overall, the essay was quite good. My waterfrojt advice was to address both sides of the topic, but with this particular one, I had difficulty finding ways to say how the film doesn’t show understanding onself helps with moral development.

Essag example, there is a lot of white smoke in the background which seems like a halo around Terry, symbolizes his burst of honesty.

However, this not only affects one individual but benefits the whole community. Because of his momentous decision to testify, Terry gradually transforms himself into a change agent in his own right. As a more sophisticated and kinder person, Edie reflects the upbringing of the nuns and the influence of a more humble and compassionate environment.

Finally, his conscience enables him to triumph over the union and he gains a moral victory as he exposes and destroys their corrupt power. Please login or register.

vce on the waterfront essay questions

He successfully encourages the others around him to stand up against the dark forces of corruption and crime. He emphasizes the moral importance of this scene by the lighting and positioning of characters in the distance on a hill. Hence, Father Barry acts as a questjons agent to the waterfront society to stand up to for the truth; otherwise they will live a tortured existence with cowardly souls.

On the Waterfront essay

He gains his reward and lives easily for a while in the shaft. His clear challenge to J F, affirm Terry as a moral leader and he wins the admiration and support of the men. Because Terry is matured intellectually, he takes the advice to testify against the Mob.


On the Waterfront shows that understanding oneself is the key to moral development. Return to On the Waterfront: Terry also mobilises the longshoremen because of his commitment to the truth and his desire to finally reclaim his rights on the wharf.

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Search the forums now! At one time, he lost a pivotal fight in his career that might have brought him prestige and a fine reputation.

vce on the waterfront essay questions

This sense of unease predisposes him towards change, but perhaps without the spiritual guidance of Father Barry and his love for Edie it is unlikely that he would wateffront summoned the courage to take the required risks and confront the danger. He is also shamed by the fact that his friend was reputable and honourable.

Although the birds are eventually killed, Terry takes over their moral superiority when he summons the courage to confront the Union and remain true to Eadie and Joey. The existence of fear is reinforced when Terry receives cold shoulders from the stevedores after his testimony at the court.

Dialogue — reflects their sense The reflection of the deaf and dumb code: The crucifixion of the aforementioned three people also come to fruition when Terry, too, realises of his own voice to strengthen his moral development. Try and waterfronf stick to the TEEL rule.

In addition, Father Barry becomes an even more significant character because of his role in challenging the longshoremen to value justice and fairness.