Diffuse Texturing Process Completed. I often struggle with unwrapping but I seem to have coped okay with the overall amount of objects I had to unwrap. Steinhardt, Nancy Shatzman Another error during this process was that the objects origin point was not centered and I completely ran out of time so I was unable to fix this. Symmetry became standard building practise due to the rapid expanding villages and towns throughout China.

There is a cause to the lack of ignorance in the western world of the Chinese architectural study. If you’d like to find out more, click on the picture or one of the links to the right to visit my blog. We learn and must soldier on All the objects that are the same, such as the 8 yellow Dou’s you can see in the screen shot are the exact same as each other. Site Built By Tom Sharman. Here is a small ‘Dou’ with it’s master being affected in some way, as you can see it affects all instances within the scene. Instead the craftsmen and builders passed down their skills and knowledge of their construction through their families.

All the objects that are the same, such as the 8 yellow Dou’s you can see in the screen shot are the exact same as each other.

tom sharman dissertation

Newer Post Older Post Home. My plan is to now delete all of those that are copied and create a ‘Master’ clone. In addition to this, I failed to model the amount of objects that I had originally intended to create.

Tom Sharman – The Dissertation

Thursday, 22 May A look at the kit For one, my mesh instances did not work correctly on all of the assets due to the fact that UDK does not support more than one base material per item.

At the end disserration the whole process of my dissertation I found that the sharmxn of the final sharmqn within UDK produced a large set of unforeseen issues. I’ve never done this method or thought of doing this method previously to this but I’m hoping it can shave some production time off of my creation process.


Informed blog about house construction in China: Posted by Tom Sharman at Here’s a quick look at the kit in all it’s glory in the perspective mode of 3dsMax.

Game mechanics of dissertarion video games and board games are important to study as much as just making games. The end to the dissertation has arrived and it’s definitely been a journey, that of which I’m pleased to say that I’ve learnt a lot of new things on the way.

As you can see, all of the objects are organised and textured appropriately in order to aid quick level production, each of the individual building s re arranged by size so that a level designer can select and grab multiple objects at once.

While I struggled to complete my model within my self set time period, I however managed to achieve a primary goal that I had set during my proposal of completing my whole kit within 45, polygons.

tom sharman dissertation

I did some searching online to find out what the issue was and according to a forum post on the CGArchitect. Dougong bracket description and explaination.

Great hardback book on Chinese architecture, written by a western writer but consultation by six ancient Chinese architectural specialists: Overall there were 47 files to export. Steinhardt, Nancy Snarman We learn and must soldier on The documentation of analytical and critical study of games and mechanics.

Tom Sharman – The Dissertation

Just a quick update, I have prepared the models for unwrapping, as a solution to the many pieces I have to unwrap that are similar I have developed a simple solution. Let’s have a closer look at a whole set of brackets. Although the textures will come out the same, the materials of what they are made of red stained wood will be the same and that’s what I’m going for.


Posted by Tom Sharman at Diffuse Texturing Process Completed. From the image above, you can clearly see the ‘master’ Dou for this disseftation, unwrapping this piece would unwrap all of the yellow ones. Furthermore, I also discovered that the system was so successful at withstanding the test of time due to the fact that the downward force of the higher tier frameworks are dissipated equally throughout out the whole construction system.

This UV map is the whole unwrap of the main building excluding the roof. The bounding box coordinates have shifted and have turned on their side, and seem to have warped completely out of shape, this can be seen below.

Tom Sharman – The Dissertation: Proposal defining through ‘Dougong’ and the problems

If you’d like to find out more, click on the picture or one of the links to the right to visit my blog. Over the last few weeks I have noticed these white bounding boxes around my models becoming slanted and Shaarman was concerned if they would affect the final outcome of my project.

I hope that you will keep it up and we will have more informative and helping news from you. This will then mean that I would only have to unwrap the single ‘Master’ Dou and it shall unwrap all of the copied instances. Although 3dsMax did produce the result I first desired for my final outcome, My main goal was to produce the assets and place them within UDK.