Aside from its anti-cancer properties, the guyabano leaves has also been hypothesized to possess anti-diabetic. The flesh of the guyabano consist of a white edible pulp that is high in carbohydrates particularly fructose and considerable amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, potassium and dietary fiber. The Aloe Vera Research website recommends drinking 2 to 4 oz. The mice which received the guyabano extracts showed an increase in reaction time compared to the control mice. It increases the acidity of the urine thus, reducing the presence of bacteria. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not drink aloe vera juice, and individuals with heart or kidney disease, or those allergic to onions or garlic should not drink aloe vera juice. How does it work?

This means that a lesser amount of time is available to the intestine for the absorption of food. How to make Avocado leaves tea for kindey cleansing. There are several advantages of aloe vera juice. Aloe Vera acts as an anti oxidant one and detoxifying agent for the body. Fiber is also equally important for the body which is not provided by the food available now days in the market, but is provided by the Aloe Vera. Supplementation with aloe vera drink aids in adequate nutrition throughout the weight loss process by supplying vitamins and minerals without any significant calories.

Download academic paper PDF: It also mobilizes the unused, stored fat in the body and converts it into energy that is again utilized faster. It can also be used for diarrhea or inflammation in the bowels as a drying agent. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. In preparing this thesis, guyxbano, roots, fruit, and fruit seeds. The Banaba leaves and flowers contain corrosolic acid, The following details the preparation and application guabano Banaba herbal medicine for diabetes.


Medicinal Benefits of Guyabano. In addition, the Aloe Vera Research website reports that aloe vera contains over 75 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other vital nutrients, making it an essential part of any weight loss program. Additionally, they found that guyabano may also have protective and beneficial effects on the tissues involved with diabetes.

guyabano leaves thesis

Other conditions and diseases. The best ang guyabano leaves.

Graviola extract, an alternative cancer cure for breast The extract maintains all the medicinal properties contained within the leaves known as acetogenins. By breaking down foods, helping the digestive system run smoothly and aiding the body to perform optimally, aloe Vera can help with weight management.

Medicinal Use of Guyabano. Lorna Reyes who taught me this. Until then, you can turn to the natural acetogenins and drink the tea, juice or use the supplements.

Possible side effects of aloe vera supplementation include allergic reactions, nausea, and dermatitis and liver problems.

Copied from these site http: Guyabano is rich in iron which is essential in preventing blood related diseases such as anemia.

thesis about guyabano leaves

The creamy and delectable flesh contains from 60 to black-brown seeds that are indigestible and non-edible. Guyabano tree, its fruit, leaves, stem, bark is a natural cancer cell killer with over 10, times the potency of Adriamycin. Aloe Vera is very rich in proteins and collagen. There are various factors for the increase of weight.

Aureus is a bacterium which can lie on the skin and cause skin infections such as pimplesor more life threatening diseases like pneumonia. It is purely a thewis product and does not interfere with the normal functioning of the body. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not drink aloe vera juice, and individuals with heart or kidney thezis, or those allergic to onions or garlic should not drink aloe vera juice.


Organic Yacon leaf powder is an herbal remedy that stimulates the metabolism acts as a diet aid while supporting healthy blood sugar levels. It can help a person in reducing weight and can stimulate the metabolic rate of the body.

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Anemia is a condition of the body which characterized by lack of healthy red blood cells.

guyabano leaves thesis

The Aloe Vera plant has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. As a result of this, the food that is eaten is converted into energy at a faster rate and is utilized by the normal functions of the body.

thesis about guyabano leaves

Aloe stimulates the metabolic rate xbout the liver, which results in burning more energy. Diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder thesi the patient remains to have high blood sugar levels because the body is not able to produce insulin type 1 diabetesor the pancreatic cells in the body does not react to the produced insulin type 2 diabetes.

Research has found that this compound can slow the growth of tumour cells and be toxic to tumour cells without harming healthy cells.

thesis about guyabano leaves

It is also rich in fiber which is essential for the overall health of the digestive system.