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The Second Season of Netflix’s “Wendy Williams In The Afternoon”

The Second Season of Netflix's "Wendy Williams In The Afternoon"

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ is the ‘Addams Family’ spinoff we deserve

I’m writing this on the day it appears the second season of Netflix’s “Wendy Williams in the Afternoon” is going to premiere. “Tuesday,” is a show I’ve watched since it launched as a podcast back in 2015. And since I don’t have a cable TV subscription, I’m not sure if what I see on their website represents the show I’ve “watched” since its debut. A show that I’d consider a critical darling that was released on the streaming-video side of the media, even in 2018.

It’s not like I haven’t given their show the occasional try. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I live in a world where I’m able to pick up the show on Netflix, I’d love to see if this story about the family that had a TV show was as good as its first season.

But, since I’ve been able to watch it, “Wendy Williams In The Afternoon” has really made up for its first season. Its second season, “Tuesday” as it’s been dubbed, continues to be a brilliant, hilarious, and heartbreaking listen.

With a cast that seems to be made up equally of TV-industry veterans and up-and-coming talent, it’s hard not to be invested. And it’s not a show that I’d recommend on the grounds of its content (both on- and off-screen) alone. But, just like those who grew up watching “The Andy Griffith Show” or “The Andy Griffith Show, Jr.” (for reasons that I won’t mention here), I feel that I should love this show, even with its faults.

With that in mind, I will offer my two cents about the second season of “Tuesday.”

First of all, as you may have already deduced from the title, “Tuesday” is about the Williams family. When “Saturday Mornings” was one of its biggest critical successes and I had the pleasure of co-hosting a week of podcasts with the series’ creator, I was excited that the show would continue.

But when I saw the first trailer for the series that released in

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