Regards, Santanu Like Like. Usually, there are some administrative factors in that decision — for example, some programs only accept new students in one semester or the other, or others require you to start as a research student so that you can be physically present for the entrance exam — but it is very rare that I have heard of a university asking an applicant who wanted to start as a research student to go straight to the degree program, instead. Answered Mar 4, Thank goodness there are people like you! Note that such discussions may have either substantive , theoretical, or methodological significance.

You should propose specific research and be able to show its potential impact, for the best chance of success in your application. The document starts with the research problem to solve and ends by a list of references. Simply stacking them in order in your application should be enough. I am a cartoonist. Just put down the best keyword s to describe your field.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

Dear Chaouali Salma, Thank you for your question. Expanding on the historical study conducted in subsection 1-A, I will continue my historical research on traditional Japanese line art, this time focusing on representational line art.

sample research proposal for mext scholarship

A random people should be able to understand basically what you want to do and be enthusiastic about it. I am not too keen on applying only to the Doctorate course for the following reasons:. But once you get to Japan it will make your life a LOT gesearch if you can speak the language, so I encourage you to keep studying! Well, we should know what exactly a research proposal is and what are the key features of a research proposal later on I will give some sample.


Lists only the literature that you actually used or cited in your porposal.

Everyone who applies wants to study in Japan, so just talking about how much you’re interested scholarshi the country is not what’s going to make you stand out. I know that it dose not say exactly how many words you need to write. Sxholarship is 4 pages including reference would it affect my application? It looks like the same, but the parenthesis in English and the Japanese instruction speak about details.

The purpose of this section is to argue how and in what ways you believe your research will refine, revise, or extend existing knowledge in the subject area under schooarship. Notify me of new comments via email. If you are selected by the department, the university will review the applications and decide whether to submit you to MEXT. Is it the same as the study program? So in this case, I think that contacting directly to the university is the best solution.

The schools I am applying for are also Japanese only. You can ask your questions in the comments here, on the FAQ scholarahip, or by email and I will answer them by updating the FAQ and letting you know when the answers are available. Is it too late to contact them now? Hi Gigi, You can leave the others empty, but scholarshop will face questioning about that. First, there are two colleges with English course that I am applying for. Will this affect my chances?

Thanks for this clear and helpful guide. Here are some tips for studying Japanese by yourself. Scholaeship is where you establish that your research is viable, especially given the time restraints of your degree.


sample research proposal for mext scholarship

Am writing my first proposal and your introduction has been of great help. But if you already have a JLPT or other Japanese qualification, you can indicate that somewhere on your application and they will likely take it into account rather than just looking at the test.

Hello, I have basically the same intentions as Vincent, so, continuing the topic — would it somehow damage me if I were to not mention my plans for Master degree onwards? Thank you so much for the help. Take your time answering questions and don’t be afraid if there are silences while the interviewers are considering what you’ve said.

My research proposal for MEXT (Monbusho) scholarship | Asian Salad

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Expanding on what I learn in subsection 2-B, I will continue with more ambitious compositions and subject matter. I saw your question on another article and answered it here.

It is not about the courses you will take, but what you will do your original research, analysis and work on. You are not committed to carrying out that research exactly.

sample research proposal for mext scholarship

Should I choose a non-regular course student or doctorate student? At least prepare some simple phrases about yourself, as you will probably be nervous on the day.