Whoever team has the fastest time in guessing wins the limited edition Eat Bulaga! Lola Nidora then asks the Rogelios to chaperone Yaya Dub on her way to the date, to make sure everything goes well. Nidora is also upset that her head mead Rihanna is soon leaving her employment. Alden writes “Maine-mahal kita” but edits it to say “Mainenamahal kita”; both are a play on the phrase “minamahal kita” I love you. Always Dance Contest is one of the many dance contests created by Eat Bulaga! The daily contestants must perform three poses as requested by the hosts in order to compare the definition of their muscles.

She tells Yaya that she is afraid that Yaya may leave her, and Yaya reassures Nidora that she will not do so. The hosts of the show are divided into two teams. It is a selfie contest sponsored by the convenience store All Day. One-half of their bodies is dressed in male clothing, while the other half is dressed in female clothing. It serves as a promotional segment for the romantic film Moments of Love , which stars Dingdong Dantes , Iza Calzado , and Karylle.

problem solving eat bulaga may 25 2015

Everybody is excited except Lola Nidora, who is anxious that mah mysterious caller will show up, prompting her to file a police report. The Next-Yaya Debate – Facebook”. Retrieved 15 July Frankie arrives and presents Yaya Dub with an engagement ring.

Retrieved 19 October Yes I agreed that Mr Jonathan has flaws and might not deserve reelection but what I don’t understand is the element of change that everyone seem to be singing. The graduates retell their stories of and reveal the academic degrees that they have completed from their universities. Birit Baby is a singing competition for children who zolving between the ages 8 and Alden and Yaya continue dubsmashing until Alden gets suspicious whether Yaya is lip-synching or using her real voice.


There are two editions: She was proble to tell the name of this long-lost sister when the episode ends with the revelation that the Lolas are triplets.

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Alden volunteers to help and comes back later, looking equally as shabby and unkempt. Her physical and mental condition start to decline as Alden and Yaya Dub are nowhere to be found.

problem solving eat bulaga may 25 2015

Lottong Bahay was revived in with big changes. Always Dance Contest is one of the many dance contests created by Eat Bulaga!

Eat Bulaga – AlDub Retrieved September 5, Retrieved 14 June A depressed Proble Nidora arrives without Yaya Dub.

Competitors from the barangay of the day play a modified version of the game potato sack race called “sack and field, field and sack”.

Yaya thanks Alden for the fruit basket she received. Lola Nidora arrives and thanks Yaya Dub and Alden because they have agreed, although reluctantly, to the marriage.

Home viewers get a chance to win cash prizes bulga other giveaways by calling in to answer a question. In the event of bad weather, the studio hosts select seven entries. The segment went on hiatus in Septemberbut returned shortly after a month in October The highest jackpot prize offered by the game segment was 2 million pesos.


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Meanwhile, Alden and Yaya Dub are seen dancing with joy and exchange signage of love with one another. Retrieved 15 April She becomes disappointed after Alden cannot procure them, so he asks her forgiveness and promises her that he will bring some for their weeksary tomorrow.

One contestant plays each day. The guests finally arrive at the studio but before heading to the banquet, they quickly tour the place. Contestants from the barangay of the day showcase their talents, such as singing and dancing, depending on the theme of the week. Retrieved 26 August Lola Nidora then reveals her requests: Unlike the traditional rules of the game, the players are crouched down inside a sack that reaches up to their neck.