If you would like to be a great ball handler like Pistol Pete, the Maravich drill series is an essential foundation. There have been many great shooters, but possibly the best ever was a kid who grew up in Pennsylvania and South Carolina and went on to break all the scoring records in college basketball history. He became an amazing player in high school, and he shot so accurately people started calling him “Pistol Pete. At real practices in the gym, it is sometimes hard to demonstrate exactly how to do something. Pictures and videos can help a lot, so I made this site to help you SEE how good players play good basketball.

This page was last updated: Browse Related Browse Related. Get it in excellent condition here and cheaper! Watch this video Pete wore 23 in college and 7 and 44 in the pros — he’s the one with the floppy hair and floppy socks:. I would spend 6 to 10 hours a day there. He didn’t just play, he worked. If you would like to learn the necessary skills and drills to becoming a great ball handler, make sure to check out our Shooting, Ball Handling, and Finishing Camps.

This page was last updated: All 4 Lessons on 1 DVD. Watch for excessive leaning over and unbalanced positions.

Pistol Pete’s Homework Basketball

Actual pics of item. One night, during a violent thundershower, he climbed out his bedroom window and dribbled through mud puddles. Browse Related Browse Related. Great addition to your movie night And there’s the book, a soul-searching look at maybe the most intense father-son team in sports history, two guys with a simple dream.


Many of these movies never made it to DVD!

pete maravich homework basketball shooting

Pete himself doing way too much alcohol-related partying. The Jazz had a big lead, but Coach Elgin Baylor was mad as hell.

Everybody who loves basketball loves Pistol Pete. They probably didn’t dig his style on Mars, either. This is a great stationary ball handling series that improves your feel for the ball while improving Pictures and videos can help a lot, so I made this site to help you SEE how good players play good basketball.

We also have many great ball handling resources listed below: Pete loved basketball, and played every day.

pete maravich homework basketball shooting

Just remember to encourage the inexperienced players to keep at it and to not give up. Pete started playing when he was in elementary school his Dad was a basketball coach.

He Turned a Dream Into Reality

I would spend 6 to 10 hours a day there. Every player should learn to shoot because, as the great coach Red Auerbach said: Like most obsessions, I would guess, Pistol Pete Maravich’s was a tough one for the owner to get a handle on. May have light shootinv scratches. He said he even slept with his basketball! One of the best and fanciest passers and dribblers ever, he like to put on a show for the fans.


pete maravich homework basketball shooting

Pete became great because he worked hard. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Check this box to receive an email notification when someone else comments on this page. We also have a copy of The Pistol mentioned above. His dad, Press Maravich, was a college coach who designed hundreds of ballhandling and shooting drills to keep his son-prodigy constantly challenged.

Condition is Very Good.

Basketball Dribbling Drills by Pistol Pete Maravich – video dailymotion

By the time Maravich was 7, he was giving his father suggestions on coaching Press’ college team. He’s coming out with four instructional videos, “Pete Maravich’s Homework Basketball,” featuring some of the crazy drills designed by Pete and Press, who died of cancer earlier this year. Even when his remarkable scoring and playmaking continued in the NBA, Pete remained a misunderstood genius, a Homeqork van Gogh of the hardwood.

Inwhen Pistol Pete came out whirling and passing and shooting at LSU, most coaches would bench you if you dribbled through your legs, let alone through someone else’s legs.