Second, multidisciplinary interventions incorporating doctors, nurses, and community health workers should be encouraged. Home visit by trained culturally specific outreach worker with Cambodian women to show culturally specific video and provide culturally tailored information; subsequent meetings in local centers to present information on cervical cancer and Pap testing; neighborhood-based controls had no intervention. Culturally specific, behavior change intervention. Three team members TLF, DLB, and KAC reviewed articles independently and then compared findings; each article was reviewed by at least two reviewers, and differences were adjudicated by team consensus. Ard, Rosati, and Oddone showed improvement in weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure control, although the interpretation of the results is tempered by the large and overlapping standard errors. Kim and Sarna

As a group, access interventions were creative in using culture to improve the health care of people of color, but they struggled to show significant improvements. Lipkus, Lyna, and Rimer We included interventions that encompassed cultural constructs related to race, such as language, religion, diet, sexuality, family structure, neighborhood, class, and gender. Improving breast cancer control among Latinas: Several caveats limit our ability to generalize from this literature review. The Renaissance Program is a large part on implementing initiatives targeting students, teachers and our community.

The interventions clustered into three broad categories: After training, the lay educators worked with the target communities to improve screening by increasing awareness and understanding of cancer screening.

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International Journal of Obesity. Maternal and infant outcomes at one year for a nurse-health advocate home visiting program serving African Americans and Mexican Americans. While the peer-review homeworkk ensures a level of quality, our review is limited to those published articles.

To date, systematic reviews have considered interventions to narrow health care disparities from the quality improvement literature Jenkins et al. While cultural competence is an important part of the solution to reducing disparities, our review found that culturally leveraged nursing and community health worker interventions improved processes of care and outcomes.


One of our NCMS goals was to ensure that the curricula and educational programs delivered to our students aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, National Common Core Standards, met all state and local standards and challenged our students in a diverse and engaging way, ensuring that the highest standards of academic achievement were applied.

Cognitive-behavioral approach to HIV risk reduction with culture- and gender-specific concepts with the goal of reducing sexual homrwork and increasing HIV medication adherence; 11 weekly sessions.

Four Bird et acces. For only, CMS allows you to submit hojework minimum amount of data to avoid a penalty. All but one of these studies shared the goal of increasing the rate of health screening activities.

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Each year, physicians would hold their breath as legislators debated double digit reductions in Medicare payments.

Three studies enlisted peer educators to change the health care organization. A total of 5, citations were identified: Our guidance department continued to implement a whole school initiative to address anti-bullying entitled the Olweus Bully Program. Our primary search strategy, developed for Medline and designed to maximize sensitivity of the search, was adapted for the other databases and included key Medical Subject Homswork MeSH search terms.

Annals of Internal Medicine.

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Smokers were randomized to 1 health care provider intervention, 2 hhomework care provider intervention with tailored print communication, or 3 health care provider intervention with tailored print communication and telephone counseling, with the goal of hoework rates of smoking cessation. Statistically significant improvement in recognition, receipt, and maintenance of routine checkup, clinical breast examination, mammography, and Pap smears.


Opening pathways to cancer screening for Vietnamese-American women: First, scholarship in this field is still in a nascent stage, although the initial findings from this field are quite promising.

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The long-term management of health and disease are often contingent homewodk the presence of a relationship homwwork enables the mutual exchange of information and the development of treatment plans to which patients of color can successfully adhere. Finally, Schneider et al. Two found improvements in asthma self-management Bonner et al.

Statistically significant difference in progression in stages of contemplations between patients and controls; no significant difference in actual rate of smoking cessation. Journal of Pediatric Health Care.

If you do nothing, you will get a 4 percent reduction in fees. Journal of the National Medical Association. Acces feasibility of creating a checklist for the assessment of the methodological quality both of randomised and non-randomised studies of health care interventions.

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Activating shared norms within racial and ethnic groups, and directing health care delivery in a manner cognizant of cultural practices, could strengthen the linkages between the health care delivery system ncmx the populations it aims to serve and ultimately decrease health disparities. FisherDeborah L. Community, academic medical center, outpatient clinic. Building a sense of purpose in preadolescent African American girls: As a group, access interventions were creative in using culture to improve the health care of people of color, but they struggled to show significant improvements.