Tigelaar used the name in a pilot she wrote which did not get picked up. About how you feel? Like those who could have walked away, but chose to stick around. Thank you for your courage and your bravery and for giving amazing speeches I could never possibly live up to. Which I loved because the laws of physics are basically the laws of all the unpredictable chaos around us, there are certain universal constants. You know my mother. Because we can make room for her.

This slowly changed and I started adjusting to the system here because I had friends and professors who were eager to help and guide me and for that I am really grateful. I mean, I know I don’t, but she got this idea stuck in my head and now I’m all screwed up. I was very depressed, and you got me through my depression. If anything, this shows me that you’re a real family, with all the bumps and bruises that a teenager brings, like anyone. She received her name from a nurse during one of her stays in hospital, Lux being the Latin word for Light. I know that in my time here, I have learned more than I ever thought I could. Today might be the last day for some of us as students of business school, but I believe our learning will actually start from today.

This news grauation allows Cate and Lux who had been distant up to that time to establish a true mother-daughter bond, and she realizes that Cate loves her dearly and will not allow her to be hurt or lonely. I don’t wanna be that guy.


You took something horrific, and instead of letting it stop speechh, you started a movement — not just here in Florida, not just in America, but throughout the whole world. Oh, god, that image!

luxs graduation speech

Before Finland, there was always someone to guide me, my teachers in schools, my elders and my mom. However, a judge decides to grant temporary custody of Lux to her parents instead of emancipating her and they learn to adjust to their new situation. Thank you for your courage and your bravery and for giving amazing speeches I speceh never possibly live up to.

Eventually, Lux’s relationship with Sepech is revealed by Emma’s son, Sam Sam had been blackmailing Lux to hopefully get a higher grade in English.

Graduation Speech: “Every End Has a New Beginning.”

I’m the traduation bong girl. Every end has a new beginning. Maybe he’s just one of those old-school dads who can only show love by hitting you on the head or something. You will change the world. Work hard for everything.

We felt like a family, the three of us, for the graduattion time. Well last time I checked, giving birth to her counts for something.

How long has it been? We all learned what a light year is. The ones who have been in our lives for every minute with you, even the hardest minutes.

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See yourself as the reflection of the next person sitting next to you on the bus. She thinks I have a thing for Cate, which I don’t.


Lux Cassidy was born in Summer of as the result of a one-night stand between her parents, Cate Cassidy and Nate Bazile during their winter formal when they were ggaduation. The result of a teenage pregnancy, her mother gave her up for adoption. You were never gonna believe in me. Another thing I want to say is: Bug then angrily breaks up with her and leaves Portland for good.

You don’t have to convince me. I mean, I know I don’t, but she got this idea stuck in my head and now I’m all screwed up. When are you gonna do it? Pretty insightful for a quarterback. Baze finds out that Cate had miscarried her baby with Ryan, discovering that Lux will be the only child that Cate will ever have.

By Katie Reilly June 4, I had no idea what a good parent was. Speech for the bar.

luxs graduation speech

D Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I never thought I would be up here wearing a cap and gown looking out at so many people that I love, or to graduate high school with all of you.