EB Garamond has a fork for unicode-math: While you may decide to only do so locally, I personally prefer to keep everything pushed to a private GitHub 3 repository too. GentiumAlt and Palatino Linotype. There’s a nice, well-thought-out, apposite link here, though it doesn’t adhere to the serif, sans, mono schema: How do we grade questions? Unfortunately, it should be mentioned, Marion lacks smallcaps. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Although someone may dislike it, I still think it’s rather formal and “scientific”. How do we grade questions? If a modern font is suitable for your documents, Latin modern is a good choice. Their small caps, text figures are crap. Things might have changed since this question was asked and it only addresses a part of it, I believe, but I was in a similar situation wanting to use Linux Libertine in a thesis , and I felt a massive relief when I found the package newtx , which provides numerous enhancements for setting math in a large array of fonts, with focus on Linux Libertine in particular. My second choice was Alegreya , which is also very beautiful.

On the other hand it does not look too thin and wide as Courier New in my eyes. Doing a whole thesis in LaTeX however is a whole different beast.

I will not write how I achieved librtine rather complex layout or go into a lot of detail into every package or setting here. If you don’t want to buy PragmataPro which I love, and for me was worth buying because I use it as my default text-editing fontBera Mono ligertine also quite nice and it comes with texlive.


linux libertine thesis

Ideally, this should allow to use mathematical expressions as well. The only free fonts that Thfsis would you are Latin Modern and Euler math. Email Required, but never shown.

Dissertations, Fonts, and Wasting Time

TeX Gyre Pagella Math: Next Post Unreading Narrative. I think it is nice except the sans font. Both Palatino and Euler were designed by Hermann Zapf and work quite well together. Please elaborate on your current suggestion.

linux libertine thesis

Yes, I’m afraid that when it comes to typesetting math choices are very limited. Because of this, I would recommend starting from either the scrbook class from KOMA-script or memoir. It is not free, but very nice. Many times I have found myself wanting to retrieve text I have already written and deleted. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. thfsis

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Published by Eric Vanden Eykel. At the 3D geoinformation groupwe use them extensively. They provide better symbols and math environments. These allow you keep a few private repositories. My choice for a versioning system is clear. Yesterday evening, as I was chipping away at some dissertation-related business not writing yet, just piddlingit occurred to me that some fonts may be more acceptable to others when it comes to a dissertation…could it be that I would have to return to Times New Roman?


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sign up using Email and Password. Palatino Sans would probably be the best match, but is not “free”. Both are serif fonts and have a nice, clean look to them.

Linux libertine italic beautiful amph

So you may consider some free alternatives. If possible, I recommend get one set of good commercial fonts. Not for free, surely at least, not legally. This brings me to an important tip.

I believe this is no longer true. The Lucida OpenType fonts have been released today.

But since that’s the only exception, I’d consider using a clearly distinct font just for the title which is unique anyway. Konrad Rudolph – Apologies, I was unclear: I’m strictly an amateur in this department One font also found there that I really like libergine Vollkorn which has a nice, rounded, distinctive look that is still very readable.

linux libertine thesis