Ay, see down, please. In the usual detective story, the detective actually cares about the case. That man is here! Find all posts by Double Foolscap. Last edited by Apocalypso; at And we know that this is your homework. The homework was in there simply because Larry wasn’t terribly smart, and didn’t seem to particularly care about getting caught.

It’s just another throwaway, something to drive home the fact that the plot as a whole doesn’t matter. Larry Borgia Charter Member. We know you stole a car– 13 13 people liked this quote. And we know that this is your homework. And yet his son is a fucking dunce. Originally Posted by Elendil’s Heir.

Larry Borgia Charter Member. Who planted the homework? Jesus a known pedo was there the night the car was stolen. Originally Posted by Derleth.

Little Larry’s Homework – The Big Lebowski | The Dude Abides

It’s a complete wash which amounts to the Dude losing a specific rug, one of his friends dying of a heart attack which had little to nothing to do with the lebodski One of the main points of the film is that it’s a parody of films noir and the detective genre in general: I guess I’m over thinking it then. Thread title should say “How”, not “ow” 1 Last edited by Apocalypso; at Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Not Literally His Children Scene 5: In this story, the majority of the plot is extraneous, like one of those pointless Rube Goldberg machines which does the least amount of actual work with the greatest amount of effort and fooling around.


Someone who might have come ho,ework the homework when it had been dropped on the ground. lebowki

When he and Walter follow up on this, it seems they come to the conclusion that the kid had nothing to do with it. Is This Your Homework?

I’ve seen it a few times, she hadn’t. In fact, the stolen car subplot is based on real events that happened to the man who served as the basis for Walter Sobchak.

If Lebowski had actually given them the ransom money, then Larry would have been a likely candidate for where the money went, and therefore is a major plot point My name is Walter Sobchak, this is my associate Jeffrey Lebowski.

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The rug, which in a more normal show would have been a minor plot point jomework use to draw the main character into the actual narrative, here was one of the few important elements.

Blow On Them Scene 7: Find all posts by candide. Walter Sobchak That’s him, Dude. Have you ever heard of Vietnam?


larrys homework big lebowski

Originally Posted by FollowMeDown. I don’t think we can clearly say when Larry was in the car. There was no bottom.

larrys homework big lebowski

Find all posts by Blaster Master. Verge Verge 3, 5 28 Click Here to grab your box for the upcoming game. I know, over thinking this movie is I always found it odd that the kid stole the nomework too, but I haven’t heard any information to the contrary.

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In the original if memory serves the larrhs drives off of a cliff and dies, it is never explained why and is entirely irrelevant to the plot. Originally Posted by Mr Shine I don’t remember anything that indicates it’s any more complicated than the kid stole the car and carelessly left it behind.

After all, some homeless people used it as a toilet before the police towed it. They uh, got uh, four more detectives working on the case.