Erica was confident that they could exceed the projected financial benefits, and she decided to begin capturing benefits as soon as the project team began testing the system. Excel files will be available for sample cost estimates and earned value management charts. Template for IT Project Plan. JWD Consulting could also increase revenues by bringing in more business. A common monitoring and controlling process is reporting performance, where project stakeholders can identify any necessary changes that may be required to keep the project on track.

Originally developed for information technology projects, PRINCE2 was released in as a generic project management methodology by the U. Closing processes include formalizing acceptance of the project or project phase and ending it efficiently. Erica also organized a project closure luncheon for the project team right after their final project presentation. This activity helped everyone get to know each other and show different aspects of their personalities. There were two-day reviews at the beginning of each project phase to discuss problems and develop solutions to prevent conflict.

Erica wanted to keep their meeting to its two-hour time limit. They often waste time they should be spending with their clients.

4 Case Study 1: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project – Tài liệu text

Some project managers do not even write down this information, but they do consider it since stakeholder management is a crucial part of their jobs. Providing a good return on investment at a reasonable level of risk is also important, especially in tough economic times. Guidance Reminder Mobility Scholarships Purpose: Develop a survey to determine critical features of the new intranet site and solicit input from consultants and customers.

This activity helped everyone get to know each other and show different aspects of their personalities.


5 Case Study 2: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project (Agile Approach)

Write a two-page paper summarizing your findings and opinions. List one item that is most unclear to you about the scope of this project. All internal employees will have access to the entire intranet site when they enter their security information to access the main, corporate intranet.

The main lessons we learned include the following: In order to deliver an Ask the Expert feature, the system must include and access wtudy database of approved cnsulting and their contact information.

5 Case Study 2: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project – Tài liệu text

He also thought it would make sense to make some of the information available to the firm s clients. Erica felt the most important parts of the project charter were the signatures of key stakeholders not included for brevity and their individual comments.

Many people ask for guidelines on how much time to spend in each process group. Cindy had to convince Kevin that it was worth buying some software from other sources. Templates related to project closing are listed later in this chapter.

jwd consulting case study

For example, project managers must perform monitoring and controlling processes throughout the project s life span.

Sincethe company saw revenues jump percent, primarily due to their five-year emphasis on practicing good project management across the entire company.

List what you believe to be the main deliverables for this project. She explained that she would take this information and work with Jessie to develop the first draft of the scope statement that she would e-mail to everyone by the end of the week. The baseline schedule projects a completion date of November 1. Note the items included on the project charter sutdy its short length.


JWD Consulting Case Project

Summary of Project Results 3. The intranet site must include a search feature for users to search by topic, key words, etc. For example, a project team must develop a plan to define the work that needs to be done for the project, to schedule activities related to that work, to estimate costs for performing the work, to decide what resources to procure to accomplish the work, and so on.

A Case Study transition plan and a plan to analyze the benefits of the system each year in the final report. The kick-off meeting is often held after the business case and project charter are completed, but it could be held sooner, as needed. The PMO manager must first approve the request and negotiate payments, if appropriate. It is also good practice to document meeting minutes, focusing on key decisions and action items. After preparing the WBS, the project team held another face-to-face meeting to develop the project schedule, following the steps outlined in section 2.

Descriptions of how these outputs were created and sample documents related to each of them are provided for this particular project. Users will be able to search for experts by pre-defined topics. A Case Study 82 delivering the actual work of the project. The project manager must work closely with the project team and other stakeholders and take appropriate actions to keep the project running smoothly.

jwd consulting case study