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Jennifer Lawrence defends her relationship with Kevin James Durant

Jennifer Lawrence defends her relationship with Kevin James Durant

Kylie Jenner slams claim she posted pics of her kids to ‘cover up for Balenciaga’: ‘Always something to say’ Jennifer Lawrence says Kylie Jenner’s new dad Kevin ‘has to take more responsibility’ Jennifer Lawrence, right, with her BFF, friend, and boyfriend Donyale Luna in Paris Getty Images Jennifer Lawrence on her new boyfriend Kevin “I mean, he had to take more responsibility for the life of his children,” Jennifer Lawrence said of her much-praised new boyfriend Kevin James ‘James Harden’ Durant in L.A.

“I was trying to make him work less. We had a terrible fight but he never said anything negative about me. I never saw the negative side at all.”

She also added that the separation was not really her choice.

“It had nothing to do with me,” she said. “He just wanted a clean break. I never took him back. I was never interested.”

She added that she is “glad” her relationship with Blake is “still the same” but described Durant’s approach as “very controlling” and said she was “a bit of a mess” during their relationship as she was trying to “tame the beast”.

Jennifer Lawrence has also defended the relationship with Kevin James ‘James Harden’ Durant, describing his demands as a “burden” for the couple.

She described their relationship as “intense” but added the pair had had their fair share of arguments with the other one “nearing the surface”.

She said: “We were never perfect, but we never had that huge fight every night like we used to. We’re very different people.

“He’s an incredible person. I’m so lucky to have someone. People should be more understanding of relationships. Men are human beings. They want to make a connection, but it’s hard to make one with someone who is very controlling.”

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