Drink plenty of fluids, especially those high in calcium. Pool reports to the nurse that she took an antidepressant for several months, but is no longer taking the med. Corticotropin interacts with plasma membrane receptors to produce enzymatic actions that affect protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism. Once potassium levels have normalized, physical therapist will reassess the patient. The signs and symptoms presented in the question indicate hypocalcemia.

The other values would not be useful for this patient. Tachycardia and palpitations Diarrhea and weight loss Anxiety and fatigue. The nurse caring for a patient who recently underwent removal of a pituitary adenoma via the transphenoidal approach knows that a common complication with this surgery is a headache. Nocturia, visual difficulty, and changes in stress level are associated with other endocrine disorders. Deep palpation of the neck is not appropriate. When caring for a male client with diabetes insipidus, nurse Juliet expects to administer: Based on initial assessment findings, the nurse formulates the nursing diagnosis of Risk for injury.

Headache and weight gain B. Provide three small meals per day.

Hypokalemia Case Study

The nurse bases a response on the fact that:. Thyroid crisis usually occurs in the first 12 hours after thyroidectomy and causes exaggerated signs of hyperthyroidism, such as high fever, tachycardia, and extreme restlessness. The initial nursing action would be to:. The signs and symptoms presented in the question indicate hypocalcemia.


With successful treatment, the client experiences a return of menstrual flow, not a decline in it. Encouraging increased oral intake C. A nurse is caring for a client who just returned from cass postanesthesia care unit after having a thyroidectomy.

Thyroid Disorders HESI Case Study

View this free hesi practice test sample questions as we offer the most comprehensive hesi study guide available what type of disorder is the old person most. Pool is legally competent, she should give her own consent.

Deficient potassium intake D.

hesi case study hyperthyroidism

Most hormones have common characteristics, including 1 secretion in small amounts at variable but predictable rates, 2 circulation through hpyerthyroidism blood, and 3 binding to specific cell receptors in the cell membrane or within the cell. A client is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is experiencing exophthalmia. The nurse determines that the drug is not having an adequate therapeutic effect when the patient experiences:.

Elevate the head of the bed 45 degrees. Apply eye patches during sleep C.

hesi case study hyperthyroidism

FSH is manifest with menstrual irregularity and would be useful in distinguishing primary gonadal problems from pituitary insufficiency. Low urinary catecholamines excretion. If the heart rate were so slow that it became an emergency, then atropine or epinephrine might be hypertuyroidism option for short-term management. Document that the thyroid was nonpalpable.


A client has a thyroidectomy for cancer of the thyroid. Hypovolemic shock is characterized by a weak, thready pulse and hypotension. Find in-depth information here on such issues as seizures, symptoms, and treatments.

Aldosteronomas are benign tumors; metastasis is not possible. Frequent rest periods help the client regain energy. A patient with hyperthyroidism is taking propylthiouracil PTU. The initial voided specimen is discarded.

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Oxytocin is produced by the posterior pituitary gland and stimulates the uterus to produce contractions. A htperthyroidism is caring for a 60yr client affected with hypoparathyroidism.

Nurse Ruth is assessing a client after a thyroidectomy. Her serum TSH level is elevated. Nocturia is associated with diseases such as diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, or chronic kidney disease. Puffiness of the face and hands Hypothyroidism myxedema causes facial puffiness, extremity edema, and weight gain.

Serum osmolality elevated C. Frequent monitoring of serum and urine osmolarity B.