Sweet and sour will make the dish sweet. When is your coursework due? Priorities for task questions. Variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, local cakes. Examples of cereals and cereal products consumed in diet:

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Eat sufficient amount of grains, especially wholegrain food. Can be consumed whole as rice grains or oats. Written or practical work done by a student during a course of study, usually assessed in order to count towards a final mark or grade Requires a problem-solving and investigative approach with an emphasis on experimental work — food investigative experiment – O Level. These skills may be new to Physics classes but they are not necessarily new to students. Staple food, Affordable for most people.

Then say the texture of the carbonated drink helps to appeal to teenage people.

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Use only 1 side of the paper. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After frying the chicken, you can stirfry the chicken in black pepper sauce. Thanks for your help.

f&n o level coursework sample

Then maybe what you would do next is to actually go and visit some of these fast food restaurants to actually count the number of people that visit the fast food restaurant between 12 — 2pm. A2 Unit 4A Geography &fn investigation Candidates taking Unit 4A have, in section A, the opportunity to extend an area of the subject content into. Illustrate this statement with a selection of nutritious,sweet and savoury dishes to serve at a buffet for your teenage friends “.


Set them in your phone. My teacher says that the dish couldn’t be too easy or else i wouldn’t get high mark so i don really know what counts as hard or easy. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

[URGENT] Food & Nutrition O level coursework

Means you need to let them know u what they want. If you bake a cake, the outside becomes brown because of the sugar?

Priority list is basically just a to-do list. Steam is another cooking methods. You can also add in garnish like diced chilli. Dicing, sampke carvings, slanted slicings etc etc VAriety – What is the defiinition of variety?

I must remember to be as detailed as possible. Effect of heat on cereals Gelatinisation, effect of moist heat on starch e.

Buffet also got drinks. Maybe you can bake a mini marble cake, or do the dample ful agar agar jelly. Remember to make it nutritious, maybe add in raisins or cut fruits etc. THen add in corn starch to make the texture stickier. Explanations and priorities show that you are clear of the task requirement 5.


f&n o level coursework sample

Rice for Asians, bread for Westerners. Or only one serving? Means what ever you researched, u must have a way to link it back to the question.

[URGENT] Food & Nutrition O level coursework

Varied and interesting results means u must make it interesting, cannot just cook maggi noodle put there. Marking schemes says u need to be: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pine apple fried lrvel uses the cooking method of stirfry Sometimes i also see dish like steamed sweet and sour fish.

Last time we have Part A and B. Physical activities, Maintain body temperature, Metabolic reactions, Basal metabolism for bodily processes such as breathing, heartbeat, Growth.

f&n o level coursework sample

Maybe you can post it here? Examples of cereals and cereal products consumed in diet: