Students will have to master and re produce the structural poetic systems such as poetic devices, forms, versification, metrical lining, and language figuration. All smartphone nowadays have browser inside, so peple can do Internet surfing. English phonetics includes description of phonetic features for segmental phonemes i. The course covers the general history of semiotics and its principle thoughts along with their recent development, both in concept and in practice, in the modern era. IGB This course provides students with the definition, identification, and basic pattern for some key concepts of literary genres: It make more easier to search some information that we need.

IGB This course provides the students with the knowledge of the mental processes which underlie a human being s ability to speak and understand language. IGB The course objective is to provide the students with knowledge, skills, and the basic principles of teaching and learning processes relevant to their future job: IGB This course provides students with some theoretical and practical knowledge of instructional media covering the various kinds of media, skills of selecting, developing, operating inexpensive visuals for EFL classes, using printed materials including songs and games related to primary and secondary instruction of English. Sarjana s thesis is normally written in around The studies in cultural studies concentrates upon the activation of power as it disperses into various forms and institutions of the day-to-day culture. Reading materials are to be taken from published articles in the latest linguistics journals the broad coverage of this subject is meant to give the instructor and students freedom to select particular topic s of their interest. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Topics include the development and current attitudes of journalism, its tools and functions, and the enhancement of the skills along with the avoidance from the traps in journalism.

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Mmpk This course aims at developing students critical perspective and awareness toward the close relation between contemporary political, ideological, social, economical, and cultural development and the production of literary works in one of the three main regions of English literature Britain, America, Australia. IGB The course aims at developing students competence in critical studies toward the complex discourses of dramatic elements network by analyzing how some of literature s most contemporary issues ideology, gender, power, class inggrjs emerge and turn the dramatic text into power- contestation and meaning establishment in society.

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IGB Semiotics, 2 credits, 2 hours Prerequisite: IGB This course helps students to have a positive attitude towards scientific research and develop the knowledge of research methodology in the areas of ELT, Linguistics, and Literature.


IGB This course aims at developing students ability to write good English paragraphs in different text types, including narrative, descriptive, and expository types of texts. This course discusses basic statistic concepts covering frequency distribution, central tendencies, variabilities, normal distribution, hypothesis testing, comparing two means, and correlation. IGB The course provides the students with practice and training in advanced translating and interpreting in real situations, current news, and other sources of ihggris information from printed and electronic media.

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The translation practice materials will emphasize grammatical, lexical, and textual adjustments. It requires the students to respond to what they have read and ingris carry out a variety of classroom ibggris in order to share with one another what they learned from their reading materials. In addition, the course provides the students with knowledge of using dictionaries and other sources.

Complex English Grammar focuses on gerund and infinitives, adjective clauses, noun clauses, and adverbial clauses.

It make more easier to search some information that we need.

IGB Stylistics, 2 credits, 2 hours, elective Prerequisite: Basic English Grammar focuses on verb tenses, modal auxiliaries and similar expression, nouns and pronouns, articles and the passive. IGB The course is designed to introduce a survey of various trends and issues in the study of language, their theoretical as well as practical implications. It requires the students 1 to write a brief comment and a short summary for each of their reading materials and 2 to carry out classroom activities to share with one another what they have read.

IGB The course focuses on students ability to present logical reasoning, strong and convincing argument, as well as critical analysis and essau in the form of argumentative essays and mini research paper IGB Basic English Grammar, 4 credits, 4 hours, required Prerequisite: IGB The course provides the students with opportunities to choose and read poems, fables, fairytales, folktales, and short stories for children at the pre- intermediate level.

IGB This course works with the working systems of prosaic writing that are centering and building its formal and structural relationships esssay the text s intrinsic elements.

IGB This course enables students to analyze how works of literature un consciously and continuously represent, construct, and make bias to gender-inherent issues among society.


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inggeis IGB The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the study of interaction between language and society or culture, including linguistics and sociocultural variants, phonological variants in sociocultural environments, the act of communication in social groups, functional models of language use, bilingualism and diaglossia, language as an index of social processes, language and mpkk vision. People can download shopping applications on Internet, so people can choose anything to buy freely.

IGB This is the second part of a two-part English Grammar course which provides the inghris with a sound knowledge of essential English grammar and ability to apply this knowledge in comprehension and production. English Language Teaching 14 5. IGB The course develops students ability to write English expository essays using different methods of development: Published on Nov View Download 3.

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It is mandatory that students compile progress and final report, and by the end of the program, conduct a classroom esday to present the result s.

IGB The course provides the students with practice and exercises in translating and interpreting spoken and written English texts: The course covers the general history of semiotics and its principle thoughts along with their recent development, both in concept and in practice, in the modern era.

Research Components 6 B. IGB This course is designed to provide the students with introductory knowledge of language and linguistics; language as a reflection of the structure of the human mind and human culture, the various levels of linguistic structure phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semanticslanguage use pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguisticslanguage as a social phenomenon dialects, language change, taboos, language and sex roles, language and deceptionand language universals.

These days many people are using smartphone for their high activities, such as for work, study, and their entertainment. The training will involve translation from English into Indonesian and from Indonesian into English of various written texts: IGB This course enables students to practice to apply the skills of linguistic research. IGB This course works with the working systems of dramatic scripts that structurize the script s formal and intrinsic elements.