The metaphysician and the critic had each pressed forward on the path of examination, and had each insisted on finding grounds for belief, or else showing the absence of such grounds with a fatal distinctness that made belief impossible. This, to borrow a name from the most memorable instance of outward change marking inward revolution, was the decisive hegira, from which the philosophy of destruction in a formal shape may be held seriously to date. Essays in Early Modern History. We may well deplore that Voltaire’s attack, and every other attack of the same sort, did not take the fair shape prescribed by the apostle to the servant of the Lord, of gentleness, patience, and the instruction of a sweet and firm example. Bowler, Europe in the Sixteenth Century, 2nd ed. The veteran Aspasia, now over eighty, was struck by the brilliance and dazzling promise of the young versifier, and left him a legacy for the purchase of books.

It is easy to cite proofs of the repudiation by Protestant bodies of the Protestant principle, to multiply instances of the narrow rigidity of their dogma, and the intolerance of their discipline. It was by no means religious doubt, but philosophic; Edition: Toland, whom we know also that Voltaire read, aimed at disengaging Christianity from mystery, and discrediting the canon of the New Testament. Voltaire moved hither and thither over the face of Europe like the wind, and it is not until he has passed through half of his life that we can begin to think of his home. To Voltaire, far different from this, an irrational prejudice was not the object of a polite coldness, but a real evil to be combated and overthrown at every hazard. These were ages of social cruelty, as they were ages of intellectual repression. After crushing the Smalkaldic League , a rebellion of Protestant nobles, Charles moved to impose his authority in Germany.

The period of twenty years between Voltaire’s departure from England and his departure for Berlin, although often pronounced the happiest time of his life, is very thickly set with these humiliating incidents.

Both Montesquieu and Robertson explained European stability as a consequence of the fundamental uniformity between European states. The Enlightenments of Edward Gibbon, —, vol.

dissertation fenelon montesquieu voltaire

Apart from being undesirable for the internal disorders and oppression it entailed, feudal government was also unstable. Other studies, literary and biographical, are included in his collected writings. Now extremely old, she still preserved both her wit and her fine probity of intellect. The companionship between these two ideas of disrespect for fenelln rights of man, and disrespect for reason or the highest distinction of man, has been an inseparable companionship.


It was one of the happy chances of circumstance that there arose in France on the death of Louis XIV. There are things enough to be said of Voltaire’s moral size, and no attempt is made in these pages to dissemble montesquidu how much he was condemnable.

Headley that Spanish decline had extinguished universal monarchy as a meaningful political idea. It was in this most transformed shape among others that at length, late and changed, but directly of descent, the free and protesting genius of the Reformation made its decisive entry into France.

We know how many contemptuous sarcasms have been inspired by his anxiety at various times to perform diplomatic feats of intervention between the French government and Frederick the Second.

Social needs had not begun to press. Rousseau espoused political dissertatin which were radically different from those of Voltaire or Montesquieu.

Dissertation Fenelon Montesquieu Voltaire

Skip to main content. Universal monarchy and the balance of power. The peculiarities of his individual genius changed the mind and spiritual conformation of France, and in a less degree that of the whole of the West, with as far-spreading and invincible an effect as if the work had been wholly mohtesquieu, as it was actually aided, by the sweep of deep-lying collective forces.

It was not to be expected that a sovereign dwelling in such amazingly remote lands as this would continue volraire with undisputed authority, when all the negative forces of the time had reached their full momentum. Voltaire has in effect for a century so divided the most emancipated of western nations.

Dissertation fenelon montesquieu voltaire

Of that divine tear and of that human smile is composed the sweetness of the present civilization. Before Luther and Calvin in their separate ways brought into splendid prominence their new ideas of moral order, more than two generations of feneloon had almost ceased to care whether there be any moral order or not, and had plunged with the delight of enchantment among ideas of grace and beauty, whose forms were old on the earth, but which were full of seemingly inexhaustible Edition: Nor disssrtation the coarse cruelty of the inquisitor or the politician, who wrought iniquity by aid of the arm of flesh, the only kind of injury to the world which stirred his passion.


All subsequent references are to this edition unless otherwise specified. Political Thought and the British Union of Cambridge, The ambassador sent the refractory vltaire back to his father, with full details and documents, with results on the relations of the pair that need not be described.

dissertation fenelon montesquieu voltaire

It is certain that there is much truth in this particular strain of objection to Voltaire’s power and his use of it, or else it would not have found mouthpieces, as it has done, among some of the finest spirits of the modern montwsquieu.

Founding a Modern State, London, ; J.

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The blast that finally dispersed and destroyed them came not from Descartes and Bayle, but directly from Voltaire and indirectly from England. That lesson in the art Edition: Cousin’s qualification of it as superficial good sense.

I will avoid encumbering this dissertation with a surplus of scare-quotes, but their absence does not reflect identification with the judgements such terms tend to express. His life was not a mere chapter in a history of literature.

dissertation fenelon montesquieu voltaire

We cannot decisively pronounce any circumstance whatever an accident, yet history abounds with circumstances which in our present ignorance of the causes of things are as if they were accidents. Ninon de l’Enclos, a friend of his mother’s, was perhaps the one free and honest soul Edition: She was to him that important and peculiar influence which, in one shape or another, some woman seems to have been to nearly every foremost man.