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Davidson and Ratajkowski Are In Love

Davidson and Ratajkowski Are In Love

Pete Davidson is now dating Emily Ratajkowski? Twitter would like to have a word with us

So Pete Davidson is now dating a member of the cast of American Horror Story: Coven, but apparently he wasn’t able to say that he was in love until just recently. A new Twitter story posted by actor Nick Offerman has revealed that Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are indeed dating.

“My heart is so broken that @hedgeroller is @me right now. Please know that I will never stop loving you nor will I ever stop loving you. You know this. It has to be this way,” Davidson tweeted on December 13, as he thanked his fans.

Ratajkowski has been spotted by a small group of fans the last few weeks while on a red carpet event, and Davidson confirmed their relationship at last year’s Teen Choice Awards.

“When I met her I thought, ‘If she is this beautiful, perfect creature, how can I not put that in my pocket and just take it home and love her like I had never loved anybody in my entire life,’” Davidson said. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m in love with her.”

The twosome appeared together for the first time on last August’s SNL episode, in “Best Song Ever Written,” which Davidson performed “I’m Not Pretty Enough.” They were also in the show alongside Justin Bieber’s sister, Lele Pons, for a scene in which Davidson and Bieber sang, “I’m the type of girl who would love to be the guy who sits next to you and you talk about yourself all the time.”

Although the pair has remained mostly quiet on social media, Ratajkowski took to Twitter on Wednesday to comment on the recent announcement, writing, “Thank you @hedgeroller for being so honest and real about it. You and I have been in love for the past 15 years.”

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