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COVID-19 Hot Spots: Toronto, Vancouver, and Ontario

COVID-19 Hot Spots: Toronto, Vancouver, and Ontario

These maps show Toronto’s current COVID-19 hot spots are not where you think they are. The new projections show the infection counts have been substantially lower than the original data, which means they may not be where you saw them.

I always recommend you trust the data over the models. While the models are usually pretty good, there is always a chance a virus could mutate as it evolves. The disease rates could be much higher in the future if you’re not careful.

That being said, the projections have been made by the province’s Public Health Centre of Disease Control. They are very conservative, and are showing lower risks. It is not impossible to have a COVID-19 pandemic that could kill millions in Toronto.

“For Toronto this is a fairly conservative projection of where we are now with the virus, and where we might be in the future,” Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg told the Star.

In Canada’s hot spots, the numbers are pretty flat for now, and show no signs of any new hotspots. They show little activity in Ontario, but a slight increase in Vancouver.

However, Vancouver has reported more cases, and has found more hotspots. Ontario numbers are on the lower end of the scale, but they’re still very early.

In Toronto’s hot spots, the numbers show a lot of activity.

The main hot spots are now located in downtown, and the west end. The hot spots are now very active, but they are spread over a very large area.

The map shows that the original counts were wrong, and likely are wrong now.

You can see the actual numbers below.

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