Satisfiability Problem Given a Boolean formula, is there a way of setting the variables to true and false such that the formula is true? Also, because his notes were so sparse and I’m a bad note-taker, I was affected negatively by his teaching style, but not everyone will have a problem with this. And yes, he doesn’t give much partial credit. Make sure to take good notes. Kruskal is genius but he lacks the ability to teach.

College essays come with stricter rules and guidelines as well as more specific formats like APA, etc. He seems like a great guy and he really knows what he is teaching, but I do not find him to be a good teacher. Teachers often assign article reviews to introduce students to the work of experts in the field. So if you don’t go to lecture, you will have no reference as to how to do the work. O n2 Adjacency List:

It is obvious Kruskal is an algorithms wizard and it worth taking his class, even if it mean night exams and long homeworks. This is the crux of the traveling salesman problem. Rotations of list permutations are equally likely to be in any position, but are not random because they ignore other possible permutations. I would recommend him to other students.

Randomized pivot selection You can use a random pivot element as seen in the book. Same deal with the homework: He’s always so nice and smiling to you whenever you talk to him.


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She obviously knew the material for algorithms, her speech can be understood with no problems, and she is fairly excited about the content. Just keeps on rambling. He didn’t post the chapters that went along with the material he taught in class, so your class notes were your only study source. Then iterate backwards cksc351 the original array.

His office is a mess, to say the least. If you solutiobs rely on the buckets in the worst case not being very large you can use a quadratic sort within the bucket and still get a linear running time. And the first thing they should do is fire Dr. Everything he says has a logical purpose in the lecture.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Business SkillsCommunication No Comments. He posts extra assignments and examples online, but again, he does not post solutions.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Also, the book is unnecessary. He held weekly review sessions and was actually f’ing helpful.

Cmsc351 homework solutions

The homework is quite difficult and extremely time-consuming; expect to spend 8 hours per assignment and to get a low grade. As others said, he knows the material, but you never will.

Clyde is disorganized, and hard to communicate with for administrative issues.

cmsc351 homework solutions

It is a shame she is only teaching CMSC, so I may not get another chance to have her as a teacher. His lecture notes aren’t the best in the world. Same is true for All pairs.


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Hmework kruskal can’t be bothered to specify what he means when his wording could mean two things reasonably and even a TA gets it wrong. His exams are painful but doable. This is the hook that needs to grab your reader right away. Unlike some of the Cmdc351 professor, he’s friendly and approachable.

Although I stopped attending his lectures early on, I was able to do well in the class by taking the homework assignments seriously, watching a lot of YouTube videos, and watching the Panopto recordings from the other professor.

So make sure that you compare answers with other people before the midterms. Insertion Sort Analysing Number of Comparisons Best Case Comparisons In the case where the array is already correctly sorted, there will be only 1 comparison for each iteration of the other for loop.

She doesn’t even write up her own notes. God forbid you ask him to be more specific with what he means on a question – he will say something like “it should be clear from the context what I mean”. His exams are extremely hard. In the event that the ith element is the smallest element in the A[