Behavioural Case Study Questions. We have created a set of of 3 case studies with 12 questions in total for you to answer. June 17, at 3: CSCS Card Mock Health and Safety Test Questions In this cscs health and safety mock test will we be testing you on some health and safety issues that can help you can your co-workers on the work site from some dangerous elements. Once you select Next to move on you will not be able to return to the question.

The following questions offer multiple choice questions related to issues of the respiratory system. The following questions are aimed at […]. Being in a construction industry is not an easy job. When he gets to the plot Lee is concerned that the ladder is too short to get to the first floor safely. When you are preparing to take your exam it is best to learn as much as you can, one of the best ways […]. What should Lee do? When Jeff is taken to his new work area, his task requires him to work in a hearing protection area.

Learn about fire extinguishers and fire safety procedures on a construction site.

Behavioural Case Study Questions Practice

February 7, at Mock exams provide a way to test your knowledge on […]. Welcome to the first of our interactive CSCS Mock Tests, here you will be able to select the answer using your computer mouse or if you have a touch screen just select the right answer with your finger.

Your email address will not be published. Carry on with the induction and hope a fire does not happen—he can follow everyone else csccs there is an emergency. Comments my Total Points: Each case study is a series of 4 linked multiple choice questions which follow a fictional character as he or she faces a series of decisions whilst working on a Site. June 17, at 3: The Exam Itself The 12 case study questions are divided into three sections.


Work through it and then get new ear protectors on his next break. Having a CSCS card shows not just co-workers but also employers that you are familiar with behaviourap many safety […].

As we all know a construction site can be a very dangerous place to work, hazards can develop in a matter of seconds and the way behaviourl respond and react to certain situations could make a big difference in the outcome. Although the questions are very similar to the core sections in the examination, this is more of a visual stimulation and observation test.

Stand near the entrance of the site until he sees someone.

12 Full CSCS Mock Test Questions on CITB Behavioural Case Study 2015

As he is being inducted, Jeff is dscs a procedure for locking out a broken machine. It requires a ladder. Free condensed CSCS exam revision notes. The point is to choose the best one, but even if you choose the second best, you will still progress further.

This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. Carry on without it. Finish the induction and then find the health and safety representative to get guidance.

CITB Behavioural Case Study Questions Practice Test : Construction Skills Test

Ask a fellow coworker to explain or show him the part he does not understand. Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. CSCS Mock exam questions and answers.


behavioural case study cscs

Imagine if everything they built can be damaged easily — buildings, roads, highways or other immovable properties. The bank of health and safety questions available for the test gehavioural estimated to be over 80, Adam is about to join a construction site for his first day at work.

behavioural case study cscs

The idea of the behavioural questions are to indicate a persons reaction to possible dangers that may occur whilst working or visiting a construction site.

The site induction requires David to wear certain types of PPE.

Behavioural Case Study Questions

Ensure that the question is full understood prior to answering as some of the questions will require multiple answers. This is used to collect data behavioral traffic to articles and other pages on our site.

How to get a CSCS card? I have that tomorrow and me retake on Friday. Hope that this brief account of CSCS behavioural case study questions would give you some hints of those 12 questions. Will the full day Health and Safety course help? When management finally arrive they inform Mark that work on this project is way behind schedule and assigns him to his area immediately.