Hope u guys can help me to clear my doubt What are the requirements for an “upgrade”? Hi, can’t really answer on this. The completion of the whole course is 3 years; but I still have few semesters to go.. Otherwise, if any documents were misplaced, you have no evidence that the particular document was submitted and you may have to restart the application. Hi, is me again, finally my transcript and certification are finally ready for collection which I can start apply for repayment exemption, few more questions need to be clarify 1 My university has partnership with an UK University, thus I will get two sets of transcripts and certifications, 1 from my university, another 1 from UK university.

I am so happy for a moment. I sincerely need your help and kind attention. It’s a very standard procedure and I hope everyone who is qualified can get their exemptions too! We have saved your mobile number successfully! New Korean Member Group:

If you’re UMT student, just continue to read this post. Love to share and inspire people around me! Are you an international student?

application letter for ptptn exemption

I have a question. They say my application is “layak” which means eligible. One more thing, is the approval process faster if i send to ptptn HQ instead of other officers? Find out more in this blog post!


How to apply for the Exemption of PTPTN Loan for First Class Holders (USM Main Campus Version)

Show applocation by this member only Post 5. Attended the course full-time. Congrats on ur application approval. I’ve been meaning to write this post but I, again, been fkr.

Daphne Chong 4 November at Besides that, I was also wondering why my other friends agreement had stated the period with 3 years time or maybe more than which their course also with 3 years time So, I was thinking whether I can go for an appeal or any suggestion you all can give me?

application letter for ptptn exemption

I’ve shared my experience on the process of application of PTPTN Repayment Exemption in my university and I know some of you are came from other university, so I’m here to blog again the general process. Unsecured Loan Fast and Simple Loan?

Copy of transcript of certified examination results. Applicatiln have reached your password reset limit for today. So I would be nice if I can have an alternative officer’s num to deal with, Thanks: Teoh Zhi Jue 11 May at Hi, im a dip holder in electronic commerce.

P appplication am on border right now of 1st class CGPA pointer If you have not received it, please click here. No interview are needed to go through?


Anonymous 26 July, Kuala Lumpur, 26th March This might be the one: Got letter also no use, because in my transcript it says 3. Jordan 24 May at Hi, I got my 1st class degree but I extended a semester. Pptptn I know how was the term indicated?

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

All the documents needed are stated in the screenshot above or just go visit the appliation just in case they changed the documents required! If you want to do it at the later time, it is still possible but the location for certification might be different. Anonymous 14 January at When is the day that we shud start paying if we didnt get first class?

Most days were easy because I took it one day at a time, but there were days when I just wanted to say F it and drop everything.