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Why the Respect for Marriage Act is Bad

Why the Respect for Marriage Act is Bad

Respect for Marriage Act: The very definition of freedom and liberty is being challenged

In their quest to get ‘out of Washington, D.C.’, a group of lawmakers passed the Respect for Marriage Act, a legislation that “dramatically expands the definitions of traditional marriage and divorce,” according to the Washington Examiner. The bill is so bad that “the bill’s co-sponsors say that they have ‘no intention of stopping there.’”

But before you go rushing to the phone to begin the fight against this outrageous act of hate crime to women’s rights, there is a much simpler way to help women and their relationships.

I’ll leave it up to you, readers and supporters, to determine if the act is a good or bad law to you. I’ll just say that it doesn’t matter. The law is so bad that one group of congressmen just said that they have “no intention of stopping there.” It’s up to women and all of us to speak out.

But the real question isn’t about whether the act is bad. It’s about a couple of simple things: how did this horrible act get passed in the first place?

The lawmakers in Congress got together two weeks ago to pass the bill, which has been called “A New McCarthy-era House.” The bill would change the definition of marriage in the U.S. Constitution. And yes, this will hurt, women and their relationships, but women aren’t the only ones at risk.

If the act passes and the Supreme Court upholds the redefinition of the word marriage, women who make a home with others, as many women have done throughout history, will be punished. It’s time to have a talk with those responsible for this law.

You know what this act is: a government takeover of the relationship between a man and a woman by saying, “you both are married.” That’s a threat to women’s basic human right.

You’re not a member of some bizarre religious cult. You are a human being who was born and exists on the human plane of existence – and for the most part, we all get along fine.

You are a person, a female – a

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