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Why did Laundrie’s killer evade justice for nine years?

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At home in Benidorm, sporting her glasses and blonde hair out in its natural state, the life-affirming Gabby Peterson deserved the chance to raise her daughter in a normal, fulfilled family life.

But Gabby died on 5 August 2003 aged just 24, a month after her partner Brian Laundrie was released on parole following a prison sentence for being a woman.

Laundrie had been convicted of theft and sentenced to 14 months in prison but was released after serving seven months, until 19 February 2004.

She went missing on 24 February 2004 and never appeared for her trial in Benidorm on 31 March 2004.

Two years later, in 2008, Laundrie, 46, was released from prison after serving his full term and from that point in his life, the case against him has never been closed.

An appeal in 2015 by Laundrie was unsuccessful, and he remained at large until 5 May 2019, when he was caught in a motorway car park and detained by police.

He is now in the custody of National Police and is likely to be held until the end of his sentence in September or October 2019.

Brian Laundrie remains a suspect in the disappearance of Gabby Peterson, the daughter of her partner, and also in the kidnap and torture of a teenage girl in Alicante in 2000.

Abducted while walking in Alicante, the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sexually assaulted and with constant beatings and threats made by her captors in return for having sexual relations.

The case took a seven-year struggle to bring to trial and ten-year sentence for her abductor and four others, as well as a life sentence for one of the attackers.

The victim was lucky not to be murdered by her captors, who also left a 10-year-old girl unconscious after gang-raping her.

In 2018, the DNA of a man who had been arrested in 2011 but never charged was found at the scene of the crime.

In 2003, law enforcement revealed there was a 98% probability that the perpetrator was Laundrie.

The same DNA was also found on a discarded cigarette lighter at the scene of a bomb attack on a police station in Benidorm, although police cannot be certain it was Laundrie.

Why will we never know what really happened to Gabby Peterson? And why?

Photo: Daily Express


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