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Weight Loss Tips as Seen on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Troy Aikman Weight Loss Tips As Seen on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Troy Aikman Says the ‘Pegan Diet’ and 4 Days of Lifting a Week Keeps Him Ripped, and Channel Deducts $10 From NFL Players’ Pay to Go Vegan

Troy Aikman is a certified health and fitness expert and author of the new book, The $100 Diet: Eat Clean, Lose Weight and Protect Your Health. Troy has worked with organizations like The UN and has appeared on prime time TV. He is also the owner of a high-calorie vegan restaurant, The Pegan Cafe, in Dallas, Texas. Troy has been racking up the pounds over the years. So he said he needed to do something drastic to get back on track, and he decided to kick off the year with the first four days of lifting a week. As he says, “If you are going to give up a soda, you might as well go vegan.”


Q: Why is one-fourth of your life devoted to working out?

The short answer is, I feel the best I ever have felt. I eat better. I stay well hydrated. I sleep more well. I am a lot happier. The long answer is the big loss of calories that came from having a daily chocolate-coffee-alcohol regimen, enough variety to satisfy, and enough quantity of exercise. I just had better health and felt good when I was eating better.

Q: You signed with realty TV to host a show about healthy living. What inspired that?

Eating well was the No. 1 priority. I did that myself and through personal training and coaching I have gotten personal clients to improve their own health. It’s a holistic approach. After doing television for more than 20 years, I wanted a show that is something I could do with realness. This is a show that people can relate to. It is something that is honest. I get real about the choices that people make and the bottom line is I am here to help you. I have given up sugar, and I am trying to get over that thing of not exercising enough. I have taught people this is a healthy way to change the way they live.

Q: How has joining the Aikman Foundation impacted your health?

With the Foundation, I talk about getting people involved and having them just kind of know that they can do it themselves. We want to talk about making healthy lifestyle choices. We have an Instagram page that is part of that. I want people to know that they can make a difference. They can help out their communities, their children, their friends, their mothers. A lot of times, we are our own worst enemies and not taking care of ourselves. I want the TV show to help change that.

Q: How did the Meat Eater’s Association and group of other mentors help you?

I started a big weight-loss journey with the Alford Institute, and with Steve Kantonos (who founded The Hamilton Weight Loss Institute in 1995, and has been a professional trainer for 20 years) I watched him eat healthy with a protein source, and lose about 40 pounds in a month, and about 100 pounds in 12 months. We both realized that there are amazing things out there. We wanted to bring them to the rest of the country, even if we did it together. We saw a kindred spirit in each other, so we decided to combine our efforts, and that is what we do. The Aikman Foundation started with a goal of bringing the message to the people that you can really make this change.

Q: How did you decide to join the Four Days program?

I knew that if you are not happy with your life, if you are not happy with yourself, and you are going to eat whatever you want to eat, then you’re not going to be healthy. I said, “Let’s do something drastic, like eat clean for four days a week.” If you do that, you will not make that lifelong habit.

Q: How long has this strategy been in play?

About 13 years. I started doing it right when the Palm Plus Diet. Back in 2002. I started doing it, even though I was off to the races at Dallas Cowboys training camp, doing a bunch of OTAs, minicamps, and a full season of football. Then I went to the UN and put our names on a petition that said, “You should get an animal rights-based alternative to killing thousands of animals a

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