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TUCKER CARLSON: The first lady is a moron

TUCKER CARLSON: The first lady is a moron

TUCKER CARLSON: The left’s monopoly on Twitter has been broken. On the same day they were celebrating yet another of their victories – a Supreme Court victory that will make it easier to take out a president who does not share their radical, progressive politics – a conservative activist began asking President Barack Obama what his definition of a Muslim is, and then asked him if he was willing to go to war against them if he couldn’t get at and kill them.

The first lady issued a retort on the president, not so much to her, but to the activist. “You’re an idiot,” she told the man. “You’re a moron.” She refused to take him seriously.

SEN. PATRICK J. LEAHY: If you think that by talking to me this way you can come into my home and yell at me and do this sort of harassment, you’re wrong.

TUCKER CARLSON: The first lady then took what we might now call the Twitter high road, and issued an official statement in which she said, quote, “I had a civil conversation with a constituent yesterday. I don’t even remember his name. He apologized for his comments and asked me to. Those are the facts.

“We’re talking about a policy difference on a matter that the president has not taken a position on,” she went on. “And he’s welcome to come into my house and have a conversation with me if he feels he could do so with civility, but I don’t need to invite him in to my private space to talk civilly about this issue. In fact, I’m offended that he’d suggest it.

This is what we call being a First Lady, right?

SEN. PATRICK J. LEAHY: I would disagree with what you just said. I don’t need the president to come into my house and do that. I don’t need to invite him in to have that discussion. The president has a public schedule and he

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