Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trump reportedly obsessed with daughter’s pregnancy scan

From left: Kevin Brady, Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen arrive at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Wednesday

There are a lot of good rumors flying around about the Republican divide now that President Donald Trump has fired fired White House chief of staff John Kelly. And Newsweek is carrying one that’s particularly juicy: that Trump, on a June 2017 visit to Afghanistan, summoned a young female aide who appeared to be pregnant to his home aboard the Air Force One to show her an MRI of her butt.

It says, in quote marks, that “a female aide who appeared to be pregnant was summoned to his Air Force One cabin to show him an MRI of her ass.”

From The Daily Beast

That is a shocking story… that it’s true. I couldn’t find any sources who were able to verify the account. And it seems like it’s not too surprising that someone with such low insecurities would be obsessed with whether or not he’s got it right. I hope the unnamed aide isn’t punished professionally for the incident. And I’m assuming that Trump didn’t read the story on publication day, because he’d have definitely known about it.

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In 2017, when Trump gave a speech in which he disparaged African nations as “shithole countries,” Axios writer Jonathan Swan wrote a story that said this was actually his idea. According to the Daily Beast, that version of events was completely fabricated:

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