Wednesday, October 27, 2021

This husband’s video showing his wife dying on shore at the beach is heartbreaking

You may be familiar with the personal videos shot and posted on Instagram by user @kaceydersreign, when she captures moments as she, her husband and child head down the street to run from a surge from Hurricane Jose during the recent storm.

However, one video newly surfaced Thursday by her husband, Alex Arangua, who owns an executive residence care center in Orange County, California, is striking — and certainly unusual. It shows the emotional final moments he shared with his wife and others — on the day he is set to face charges of murder, manslaughter and criminal damage to property for causing the death of 69-year-old Elaine Strother, a resident at a senior community in South Florida.

Here is the video that Arangua posted on Instagram Wednesday afternoon:

In the clip, he says he did not expect Strother to last long. He is heard saying that the waves were “tying us together.” He is seen desperately trying to hold on to Strother’s ankle while it appears Strother’s condition worsened. With Strother’s help, Arangua says he was able to push Strother past the waves. The body of Strother was pulled from the ocean a few days later.

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