Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Week’s Oldest News Source Has Seen It All In The Many Drinks The OG Politico Gives

Tonight’s All-Star Panel weighs in on what the former VP promised when he was named a member of the Army Scientific Advisory Board. On the panel were Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard; Margaret Carlson, co-host of CNN’s “Inside Politics;” and Amy Walter, Chief Political Analyst, The Cook Political Report.

Barnes says Biden’s confirmation, sometimes, doesn’t follow the science. “Look at his appearance a couple of years ago at a factory where he said that wind power is important, because it’s clean, the wind. It’s not.”

Margaret Carlson, who tells us that Biden was an “enhanced neutron” on the Science Advisory Board, says he’s not necessarily out of touch on clean energy. “I think it’s a case of in case climate change is catastrophic it’s more important that the planet be kept warm.”

On the other hand, Amy Walter, says Biden can sometimes get behind the science, noting the surgeon general recommendations regarding smoking:

“The scientist will tell you what they’re saying is wrong, you have to follow what is scientifically the position… But sometimes — and he’s not alone. You have a lot of politicians who seem to always follow the science. The problem with following the science is it doesn’t always match where you want to go. On the other hand, again, you need to know where you’re trying to go. And he could have said smoking was bad and we have to stop… but would he have been strong enough to back that up with policy?

And Professor William Darity Jr., an expert on climate change:

“I worked for the White House a number of years ago, in fact I was one of the few people who criticized Hillary Clinton for climate denierism. And then you had John Kerry who I think has also been a denier, Obama. And now you have Joe Biden… This is bizarre. It is very bizarre.”

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