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The Oscar Buzz: The Big Short

The Oscar Buzz: The Big Short

Here comes the 2023 Oscars BuzzMeter: Behold the buzz!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been on an incredible roll lately. After a few shaky years, we’ve seen the Oscar nominees emerge from the shadows and prove themselves worthy for their role as the greatest show in town. We now arrive at the 2023 ceremony where five movies, including the one with the shortest running time, are expected to vie for the top trophy.

And it looks like even with the Academy’s “hiring spree” complete, there are a few candidates left to snare the crown. In fact, there are several who are already locked up and can’t be handed to anyone else. That means that there will be a lot of pressure to show up to Oscar Night feeling like your name is already on the Oscar shortlists.

And, in an era of political correctness, how can we possibly choose the films that can do that?

So, here’s the Oscar Buzz that we’re going to use to evaluate the contenders coming your way. If you find yourself in the conversation — and it will be a tough one — you’re in.

1. The Best Picture

We all knew that, at least in the final stretch, it would be a difficult call here. This is, after all, a competition for the award of Best Picture, a singular honor that brings together two of most unlikely collaborators. The writer and filmmaker David O. Russell is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump but has become something of a political activist during his life, appearing recently with several Democratic candidates as a guest of the House Democratic Caucus. It’s not a stretch to say that The Big Short could be construed as an ideological film. And the fact that it was a winner for Best Picture at the Golden Globes only makes the task more daunting. The fact that it’s the first time in 21 years that a film has been awarded Best Picture more than once is a testament to the fact that it’s been a

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