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The Midterms: The Political Drama in Massachusetts

The Midterms: The Political Drama in Massachusetts

Governors’ Races to Watch in the Midterm Elections

The political drama this November could be in the Midterms. Both parties are trying to outsmart one another, each of them running in their districts trying to defeat the other. Each is trying to gain a seat to become governor, and Democrats are trying to win their first open legislative seat in 10 years.

It is in these tight, competitive political races that we look to see if Democrats are likely to win back the governor’s office, or if Republicans will be able to win a majority in the state and govern in their own right. The GOP’s primary opponent for governor is businessman Dan Malloy.

Democrats are trying to win back all five of the seats they held in the legislature and gain control of the senate.

State Senate Races: Republicans need to keep their majority in the State Senate to continue to give their governors much more power over things like education and the budget. Democrats only need to take back only one seat to do that.

A Look at the District Boundaries:


Democrats are hoping to win back all five seats they held in the legislature and gain control of the senate to continue their push for government overhaul and to provide more accountability to the public. The Democratic nominee for governor is Dan Malloy, who is making his first run for public office. He does not have any notable political experience, but instead has been active in many community activities throughout his life. Like most recent gubernatorial hopefuls, he is running on having a strong fiscal record, and that he has delivered for the people of Massachusetts.

Democrats are hopeful that their nominee will be able to defeat Scott Brown in the primary. Brown is the Republican nominee and is running against five other Democrats, which could make things interesting for Democrats. The Democratic primary is June 9th in Boston.

State Senate:

The State Senate seats which Democrats will need to win back to gain control of the government are Boston’s 8th, Middlesex’s 4th and Suffolk’s 4th. The three districts are geographically close and most people living in the three districts share the same political party.

Democrat Senator Jamie Eldridge has a significant

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