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The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the death of Leslie Jordan

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the death of Leslie Jordan

Authorities try to determine how Leslie Jordan died as mourning fans flock to crash site

The day Leslie Jordan died, the world lost one of its most well-liked actors.

And the Los Angeles Police Department’s investigation into Jordan’s death is the subject of intense scrutiny among his friends and on social media.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed last night that a coroner arrived on the scene, but provided few details about what caused Jordan’s death, what his family was told, what led to the scene being blocked off and what kind of evidence they might find.

Jordan’s death remains under investigation by the LAPD, the District Attorney’s office, and the coroner’s office in Los Angeles.

An autopsy will be conducted, but officials said it will be determined whether the actor was murdered or died from natural causes.

Jordan’s death stunned friends and Hollywood, for whom he was a beloved, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor.

Jordan, 55, was found at a motel on the evening of Aug. 20, just a few hours after he was scheduled to travel to New Orleans for a film festival. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

But no one is convinced that Jordan’s death wasn’t a tragic accident.

“There’s no body to speak of,” said Tom D’Acquisto, the former star of “The Mod Squad” who played Jordan’s brother, Sonny, on the show. “It’s impossible for it to be an accident. It was a tragic accident but it can’t be accidental either. It’s a murder; there are physical signs.”

The Los Angeles Times’ Mike Fleming and Dan Callahan report on how the LAPD is investigating Jordan’s death:

LOS ANGELES — After being summoned to the morgue early Wednesday morning, where they could see the black and white tape used to bind body parts, coroner’s officials waited more than four hours for their next visitor, a man chosen at random because of his white hair and a clean-shaven head, to return.

The man, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, stood on the sidewalk outside the morgue, where a coroner and a doctor stood guard. He was not permitted inside until after he left the mor

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