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The Female Brain: Melissa McCarthy talks female superheroes, calling Sir Christopher Lee and the female superhero genre

We’ve all had those awkward moments where you’re speaking to someone over the phone, and – in a vain attempt to be polite – you painstakingly cover your own back, muttering something in the hope that they’re reading it back to you.

Yet did you know there are countless GIFs that’ve been made that perfectly capture that moment?

Luckily Melissa McCarthy also knows this, so when we recently had a chance to quiz her about The Starling, The Female Brain and her recent brush with horror The Little Mermaid, she was happy to share some of her top GIFs.


She’s starred in both The Expendables franchise and Bridesmaids, but since 2013 Melissa has been winning movie awards with comedy heroes such as Horrible Bosses and The Heat.

Watch the first trailer for The Female Brain:

Now Melissa also has another action movie, The Female Brain, which opens in UK cinemas today (July 14). But it’s not the all-action genre that has her most excited about it.

In The Female Brain, which also stars Haley Bennett, Sylvia Hoeks and Rebel Wilson, Melissa plays a woman who acquires human DNA from an accident, and goes on a series of adventures.

“It’s a super bizarre and brilliant science fiction comedy story,” she told us. “And as much as I had a huge fight with Tom Shadyac about Tom’s terrible monster ideas in the Underworld movies, here is his name again on a script… I think if one movie was good that the other four were awful, this is it.

“And we just found it in the heart of Louisiana, and it was so easy to make fun of it. This is a story about women and their wisdom. Our lack of wisdom – it’s terrible. This person who goes in a hot tub, gets [human DNA] and then takes our brains with it… And you’re like, ‘OK, this is the most exciting thing in the world.’

“[We’re telling the story] for teeny little kids, really – maybe it will just be part of their history, how we became adults. And of course, it takes over their mind; that’s the fun of it.”

What’s more, it’s the latest in a rich comedic tradition that can be traced back to the 1970s and the Golden Age of television.

“In those shows there were huge, huge improvisational scenes. In the pilots of all those shows – I just see those shows so much when I’m in TV and film – there were so many brilliant, brilliant scenes,” Melissa added.

“You don’t see it anymore. We went through a period where everybody was making movies now, and they just wanted to be the next Steven Spielberg. Those movies sucked. That’s why I love movies like these, where you have two or three amazing characters.

“I’ve always admired you, Sir Christopher Lee.”

Watch Melissa and Haley Bennett discuss The Female Brain below:


The Female Brain is out in UK cinemas today (July 14).

Watch the first trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back below:


The Female Brain is in cinemas today (July 14).

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