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The Disruptive Women and their Art of Color

The Disruptive Women and their Art of Color

Prada Focuses on Sustainability in ‘Disruptive’ Fine Jewelry Debut

The concept behind the Disruptive Women and their Art of Color launched in 2016, now in its third year of international growth and distribution, is to bring together emerging fashion designers, creative artisans and designers from around the world. The brand has found that working with emerging or less-known brands helps to elevate their designs and bring them international attention. Debuting last Spring, a new line of disruptive fashion jewelry, called the Disruptive Women, is intended to inspire women today and throughout the future.

“We wanted to create a space where designers of color, fashion designers and other creatives could come together in an open environment and help each other to be more creative and express themselves,” said Taryn M. Martin, the founding director of the Global Business Development, Fine Jewelry and the Women & Fine Jewelry Programs at the Costume Institute.

The Disruptive Women, as Debuting Designer for its inaugural year, aimed to redefine what it means to be a designer. They’re focused on their mission to empower women to be creative, unique, diverse and to help others to achieve their dreams while also challenging the status quo.

“It’s really important to design for the future as your designs live on, not from year one,” said Deana Siegel, a freelance designer, and the founder and president of Deana Siegel Designs. “Design has a way of making us aware of our surroundings and makes us think critically about what will impact our lives and our society.”

That’s where Martin and Siegel came in. For her tenure at the institute, Martin has worked with designers and artisans and learned some valuable tools that she’s now using as a designer.

“The world is such a dynamic place,�

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