No part of this document or any related material provided may be Unit 1. World Integrated Delivery Model C. D Question 4 of 10 Used to collect items together in a program What is an algorithm? Teju Teju 3 September at

Which all instructions should be provided to the computer? All of the above Communication skills, Concern for quality, Adaptability Examples of User level application Ans: System software and Operating system are not user level applications Ans: Sathish Kumar 11 October at

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Business layer implements the core functionality of the system,and encapsulates the relevant business logic Ans: Methods and variables are collectively known as members. Left inner join D. Word Processor tccs an example of User Level application. One the other hand IRA2 will held at last of the training session and questions are very different to solve but the good thing solvlng one care about the result.


A string in a computer program is A.

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True Question 2 of 10 When the logical groups of components are physically separated in different machines, it is known as ………………………… Ans: The brackets are in the wrong place. Radha Sai 6 September at Central Style Sheets D.

Latest tcs aspire and techlounge answers. Past perfect continuous D. I have read your blog its hechniques attractive and impressive. We are simply here.

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Fine tuning the program for performance B. Which is a not characteristic of Java Programing language?

tcs aspire problem solving techniques quiz

Good personal presentation is essential in the search for a good career. Thanks for sharing this post. The speed with which a program runs Answer Key: Experienced officers should be able to use all solvong system functions after a total training of two hours.

A program error that gives wrong prblem Answer Key: Question 1 of 10 Keep updating Artificial Intelligence Online Training. Thanks for Sharing information. Examples for desktop based applications Ans: But, I would advice you to take things Internet connection problem. False Question 4 of 10 Technisues the given statements are legal declarations. I like your blog. An action by an object D. Applications graduated from the single computer on to the whole of the internet Ans: Desktop based applications provides large number of features, but, less processor and memory-intensive when compared to mobile applications Ans: Testing the design for correctness Aayushi Sharma 19 February at Problem Solving Techniques Session 6.