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Tangier’s Best Bars

Tangier’s Best Bars

Read Your Way Through Tangier’s Best Bars

In the middle of the medina, a group of tables and chairs line the road, and musicians congregate at two street corners. The music is played with a beat that’s equal parts a drum roll and a steady beat of the hands. It is the sound of life at the heart of this ancient, magical city.

To understand the pulse of Morocco, one must walk the streets of the medina and find its bars. Though there are innumerable bars throughout the city, each one is unique. If you’ve never had the chance to visit, this article may help you decide which is right for you, how to locate it, and what you can expect to find.

While a number of these places are closed on Wednesday, there are a few bars open from Wednesday to Friday that may meet your preferences.

Note: The list below is not exhaustive, and there are many other notable bars in the medina.

1. L’Espadrilles

Not only is this bar unique, it is one of the best bars in Tangier.

The L’Espadrilles is the only bar in Tangier that serves food throughout the night. While the bar is open until 3am, there are several other bars that serve food until 1am. In the morning, most of the bars that serve food only serve breakfast. The L’Espadrilles is the exception.

2. La Ruche

The L’Espadrilles is one of the best bars in Tangier.

La Ruche is one of the world’s best bars. It was built in 1844. During its opening, it was said that only a few men could not make it through its door. Today, it is a place where people come to drink, dance, and eat. In the morning, a large number of people come here for breakfast.

3. Deux Garçons


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