Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Strictly Come Dancing’s top 5 dances of 2019

The dance videos featured in the Strictly Come Dancing series finale were pure domination, featuring a spectacular sequence to the tune of Tinie Tempah’s song, September. Many props went to Brendan Cole and his exotic manhood, but other sensational footwork was supplied by contestants, Stacey Dooley and Katie Piper, respectively. (It must be said that while Taylor Swift may have cut someone’s webbed toe off with her army of fans in pursuit of her latest dance shoes, it really was no comparison.)

My friend Demi and I were getting ready to watch the show, and we’d really been looking forward to the final one (as have many of you). But since we’re in the game to teach others, we didn’t want to watch alone. Demi was asking friends, Instagram followers, and anyone who would listen, to help her get some help in topping her performance of September. That’s when the magical idea of “my partner in crime,” a fellow dancer, stepped in. In January, that person was Alexandra Burke. They choreographed the brilliant routine for November’s National TV Awards. We also agreed on the music: Bleachers’ arena rock gem, “Sit Still, Look Pretty.”

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