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‘She Wanted Justice’: Fox Reporter Reveals Why Teen With Down Syndrome Was Shot & Killed

WATCH: Teen with Down Syndrome Killed After Snapping Pics Of Teen Who Killed Her

“Wanted” author and reporter Brian Laundrie joined “Fox & Friends” this morning with the disturbing details of the crime scene.

“The nice part about being the victim is it also gives you two seconds of fame. You know, ‘Here’s the victim. She’s not even f—king dead. Here she is.’ It was that short, that eerie thing,” Laundrie said.

At around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, Brian And the teenagers met up for the first time Friday and made several other stops around Philadelphia, including at a music studio, an electronics store and restaurants.

Laundrie said Brian planned to use a phone to take pictures of the girls together that night — video evidence that he later convinced them to release.

Please, don’t dismiss the fact that the girl who took that video lives in this house. -is policing’s problem or the perpetrator’s? #foxandfriends — Fox & Friends (@foxandfriends) June 10, 2019

But the three — Jean, 15, and Amine and Rebecca, both 16 — all left to attend a nearby night club when they got caught up in a gunfight while waiting for a lift from friends after 1 a.m.

The boys took off for another location, but they and Brian decided to head home to drive around with Amine, who was texting his friends about the gunfight.

And with no cell service, Brian spotted a “desperate” Jean using a cell phone signal to send text messages to her friends with nothing to show for it.

“When you encounter these situations where you don’t have service and your phone’s acting up — it’s not too much of a problem if you’ve got a friend who’s nearby — he decided to take a photo of her because he wanted the ball to be rolling to be able to be pushed forward,” Laundrie said.

However, soon after sending the photo, Jean’s phone suddenly went dead and she reported the signal to police.

Laundrie said Jean’s family is in a state of shock and said they were given no warning about the upcoming music video.

“I can’t imagine how they’re feeling, because they didn’t have any heads up on this whatsoever. They’ve been left to deal with this overnight, in this very horrible situation,” Laundrie said.

Laundrie said Jean was likely driven to this type of violence by her frustration with bullies, saying “bullies are going to bullies,” and saying this “baby just wanted to see justice happen.”

“There will be adults thinking and deciding what to do with the teens, in terms of whether this gets these individuals with felonies incarcerated or not. This will be determined, at least by kids, by their peers in school and outside of school, right here on television. I think the decision is going to be made based on the district attorney’s ultimate decision as to whether or not there’s a case to be made, in a criminal court,” Laundrie said.

Laundrie has been recognized twice by Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) for “contributing to the education of young people.”

See more below, and tune in to “Fox & Friends” at 7 a.m. ET to see the results of his investigation into the teen’s murder.

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