Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sex ads to return for customers who want ‘respectful attention’


OnlyFans wants to free you from ads and “constant bombardment” with sexually oriented content, a position that not only cost the company its close ties to prostitution, but also led to the creation of the various sex ads offered for sale.

Just days after the group announced it was banning all online ads and content with “artificial” ages, the company said that it now thinks it made a mistake.

According to a New York Times article , the response was so immediate and widespread that the group had to change its policy. Now it will even sell Facebook ads, said CEO Brandon Steiner.

The story said that the new policy is “brutally crushing [Breeda Web’s] finances” and requiring it to shut down the sex ads it would have previously used to raise revenue.

The company’s controversial new policy had only been in effect for one day. In July, Steiner told the Times that he “fiduciarily determined that the ban would not be possible with the employees we have and the branding, due to legal issues.”

The Times also quoted three academics who felt there was no valid reason for the policy.

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