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Remembering Richard Buckley, the CNN commentator who died unexpectedly

Written by By Haley Ramos, CNN Andrew Loughlin, CNN If you’re scrolling through your Twitter timeline on the morning of October 31, 2018, you might notice an emoji overlay — a hand over a heart, with tears in its eyes. The heart is a large key with the word ‘thank you’ underneath. This is all in honor of one of Bloomberg’s political commentators Richard Buckley, who died on Sunday.

Buckley was a political commentator for Bloomberg Television, and a regular media contributor to CNN, where he had been a contributor since 2010.

Through Buckley’s media career, he found himself in the middle of some of the biggest fights around the world, including the rise of ISIS and Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

In a statement following Buckley’s death, Bloomberg said he was “an honored member of the Bloomberg team…engaged in every aspect of news from the ground up. He will be deeply missed.”

His friends and colleagues say Buckley’s passion for the field of journalism was unmatched, and that he was committed to his role as a political commentator and contributing author.

“(In our industry), to be true, to be different, to have a personality is hard, and especially when you’re young,” Buckley told CNN’s Ozy in an interview in May 2017, “I had a hard time growing up, I had a hard time being me. I felt like I needed to be better at my life and business, more professional, but those efforts are what made me who I am.”

Buckley is survived by his wife, daughters Erin and Katie, his brother John, sister Cindy and their families.

CNN’s Rory Carroll shared these words with Buckley before his death:

CNN’s Alex Woods, Connor O’Brien and Miguel Marquez in Boston, where the Buckley family now resides, offer their memories of Buckley:

Alex Woods, CNN: When you think about Buckley, his warm smile, the rainbow, just how incredibly charismatic, charming and ‘brosom’ he was — he could completely charm any room he walked into — it’s really hard to think of someone else who could fill that role so well.

Connor O’Brien, CNN: What you may not realize is that Buckley is famously shy and reserved. When he’s in front of a camera, though, he transforms instantly. His accent, his body language, he instantly becomes more personable and we rarely see Buckley socially. But when he was on screen, we knew he would steal the show.

Miguel Marquez, CNN: Buckley was undoubtedly a Fox News alumnus. But he took time out of his busy professional and personal life to critique Fox News’ contributors and analyze the network’s coverage. In his mind, Buckley often compared Fox News’ commentary to that of The Daily Show or Comedy Central.

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