Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Q&A: Daniel Craig on his experiences with Bond

Written by by Arianna Davis, CNN

Daniel Craig made his last appearance as James Bond in November 2017. The movie, titled “Spectre”, is currently available to watch on Netflix

However, he hasn’t completely left the world of entertainment behind. Craig has made a return to work with BBC’s “Poldark” and has announced that he’s set to star alongside Adele in a new stage play, “American Psycho.”

With that in mind, CNN put the question to Craig just what he’s learned from all his memorable and often controversial appearances as Bond.

He spent just over three years as the hero and protagonist of the 007 franchise and now says that his time there was simply “too short.”

“I couldn’t have missed that time and shot everything, so I’m incredibly proud of the films but I’m incredibly proud of Bond, too,” he said.

“I said ‘we are in it for the long haul’ and to try and replicate that — though we did try — is probably impossible.”

Craig was also given much praise for returning to London to act on stage. He starred in last year’s Broadway production of “Hold On, I’m Coming” and said that doing something so far away from his British roots for the first time was “treacherous”.

“But the cast, all the people, all the crew…you have your friends there, they keep you going, so I just love it, and it’s something that never stops inspiring me and I’m lucky to do it.

“I couldn’t have kept going without a really strong team of people around me, and that’s what’s good about stage acting. It’s good to be supported, you always need a bit of that.”

As well as “Poldark”, Craig is due to star alongside Adele in a new stage production of “American Psycho.” Credit: Getty Images for The Broadway League

Next on his agenda is James Bond 25, the third film in the franchise set for release in November 2020. However, the moment Craig steps down from Bond he says the film will be the last.

“I’m not going to play him again after this. I don’t think it’s a question of me saying ‘no’ or ‘yes’ (to Bond), I just know that when I did it I did it as hard as I could and as long as I could,” he said.

“I don’t want to sit around doing the same thing over and over again, and I hope that I’ve left him in a pretty decent place.”

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