Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Private investigator’s evidence to be used in Trump office case – lawyers

Glenn Mulcaire writes in newspaper that D.A. will likely issue more indictments as detailed discussions over evidence continue

A top lawyer for the Trump Organization’s head and a former employee says the financial chief was indicted for crimes committed while working for private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who was convicted in 2012 of illegally intercepting the voicemails of celebrities and politicians, including the late BBC host George Entwistle and actor Jude Law.

Julia Daubney – deputy general counsel for Donald Trump – and Helga Reisinger – a New York-based lawyer for Gary Schara, the Trump organization’s head financial officer at the time of the alleged crimes – both wrote in the Sunday Times that there is “significant evidence” that Mulcaire had provided material to Schara to be used in “systematic and conspiratorial schemes to unlawfully obtain, retain and destroy voicemail messages on mobile phones in Scotland for several news organizations.”

No other members of Trump’s company have been publicly linked to the illicit activity, but the revelation of Mulcaire’s role in the action could offer them the opportunity to escape prosecution.

The Times reported Mulcaire, who is now in jail, was “charged under American conspiracy law with illegally conspiring to intercept telephone messages for multiple news organizations, including the Sunday Times”.

The two lawyers said that, “Under US law, conspiracy to intercept a telephone call is a crime. Under British law, it is not.”

While British law cannot be used to indict a foreign national, a similar American law can be used to charge a Trump Organization employee in the US.

If the material in question proved to be damning, the company could be charged under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and subsequent laws for violations, the lawyers said.

At a press conference earlier this month, former Scotland Yard detectives said there was significant evidence in the scandal that implicated Schara and accused Trump’s company of concealing information.

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