Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Police don’t charge suspect in threatening incident when teenage boy’s mom physically blocks his way home

Pictures taken by Brian Laundrie’s father show the frightening scene after the moments the teenager returned home from a shopping trip to find a stranger on his property shouting threats. His mother rushed out of the house to clear a path, and told the woman that her son was her son, before ordering her to get off her property.

A friend of the family, who took the pictures, said the incident started when the woman, who was next door, saw the mother and she started screaming at them as she started talking in front of their property. When the father noticed she was becoming more aggressive, he started shouting at her as she threatened to “break his arm,” before his mother could intervene. She then started yelling that her son was her son, pointing to her breasts and asking her to get off her property, as though she weren’t sure if he was.

Family members from the other side of the property also came to help. They both yelled at the woman, but the police were not called until later, when they arrived. The woman was put in custody, however, she was released soon after because the exchange could not be deemed a crime. Police were later advised by their supervisor that the female, who said she lived on the second floor, didn’t have permission to be there. The father of the family says he doesn’t know whether they had a problem with her or had nothing better to do, but his initial thoughts were of potentially suicide. His wife looked pale and passed out as the situation escalated, she was taken to hospital for being distressed. The father and son suffered from traumatic stress from the incident, but reported no physical injuries.

The young men’s mother praised the police, saying that they were kind and polite. The police also said that there had been a lot of problems and they didn’t want to take a low-key approach, but wanted to make an arrest. The conversation surrounding the incident has since been taken down from social media.

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