Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pennsylvania Republicans are attempting to nullify the 2016 presidential election, too

Pennsylvania Republicans are subpoenas to uncover a voter fraud scandal to determine whether or not millions of people exist.

Even with this unsettling reality, let’s take a look at the list, thanks to this wonderful factsheet on the election integrity petition.

The Allegheny County Republican Committee is leading the list of 122 Republican members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives who signed the election integrity petition. It’s from the primary election that took place in May 2014.

The entity behind the complaint is Citizens for Election Integrity, made up of 150 “independent citizens.” In the 20 years prior to this time, their preferred candidate was “FMR Senator Rick Santorum, A.G.” His wife Kay is listed as co-founder.

The election integrity report, which in fact purports to disprove that any voter fraud has been committed, has been sent to every secretary of state across the country. You can see it here.

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State John Hanger was notified by Election Integrity of this petition and in his official response addressed it head on:

Our nation’s electoral system was built to be secure and accurate, and is responsible for choosing and preserving who is elected to public office. By further restricting access to the polls, and denying access to Pennsylvania’s public records, you seek to undo part of the architecture of our democracy.

As a result of your actions, you have introduced a confusing and divisive attack on the very tenets of the American democratic system. Today, the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania received information from your group, Citizens for Election Integrity, regarding thousands of suspected fictitious voter registrations. If a resident has any reason to believe that they are registered in another place, they are asked to contact the Secretary of State’s office at (717) 765-6445 to verify the registration. Secretary Hanger looks forward to reviewing these documents.

We have confidence in our election system, and will continue to protect it from systematic or intentional abuse. We believe that all eligible voters, regardless of their address, should have the opportunity to participate in the process. The Secretary of State would remind everyone to be vigilant, to know their voting rights, and to observe the rules that prohibit voter fraud.

In April of 2014, the state filed a federal lawsuit against Pennsylvania voters, alleging that some of them are purged off of the rolls due to a faulty voter history system. The plaintiffs include those who want a hearing to prove their rightful list.

Pennsylvania and Citizens for Election Integrity are not strangers.

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