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Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Boseman Peaches pleads guilty

Image copyright Miami-Dade County Corrections Image caption Kenneth Boseman Peaches was sentenced to six years at the Miami Dade Corrections Institution for grand theft and shoplifting

The estranged husband of Pinkhouse singer Nicki Minaj has pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted grand theft and shoplifting.

Kenneth Boseman Peaches, 32, was sentenced to six years in prison, suspended on five years probation.

Prosecutors said his own statement to police in the case had “become unreliable”.

Peaches was arrested in January while shopping at a mall in Miami.

Prosecutors said he took a handheld alarm from Kmart without paying for it. They later charged him with trying to steal a $3,000 (£2,460) diamond bracelet from Nordstrom’s.

An unnamed cooperating witness told police Peaches had put the bracelet down and taken a “strip full of items” from a table inside the Nordstrom store, while the police were en route to the scene.

In his interview with police, Peaches admitted the bracelet and belt were stolen from his wife’s jewellery box in their car but said he did not intend to sell them.

Image copyright 2017 IFC Films Image caption Nicki Minaj’s big screen debut is due out in June

He also said he picked the alarm out of a “mountain of undisturbed items” in the hotel room.

“I did steal the alarm but what I didn’t know then I didn’t want to be charged,” he said.

Despite his plea, prosecutor Rafael Millan said there was “serious cause for concern” that Peaches “avoided the truth”, while Judge Reginald Carroll said he felt Peaches “considers himself to be above the law”.

“No citizen of this great country should believe that the law is superfluous or an inconvenience,” he said.

During the trial, the prosecution had argued that Peaches could no longer be trusted to pay his legal bills.

In court, Peaches told his attorney, Camelo Woodard: “I’m working as hard as I can to pay this off. I made a bad mistake and should have kept it to myself.”

Nicki Minaj, who has said her eight-year marriage to Peaches is over, was present in court on Tuesday.

Caught on the radar of Hollywood A-listers since her 2012 debut album Pink Friday, she is due to appear in an eight-part comedy series based on her life next month, directed by and starring Oprah Winfrey.

Nicki Minaj married 40-year-old music executive Kenneth Petty in Jamaica, Jamaica, in November 2012.

Petty, who is six years her senior, filed for divorce in November 2015.

According to court records, Minaj had requested a 20% reduction in the security fees that the Royalton Hotel asked him to pay in connection with her stay there, as it turns out.

In an interview with Nova Entertainment in Jamaica in December, Minaj said the split had been “very sad”.

“That is the very sad part about it; it makes you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything… This was kind of like your 15 minutes.”

Despite criticism, Minaj had not heard anything suggesting her marriage was “not working”, she said.

Source: BBC

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