Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Motorists disappointed to be missing out on iPhone XS


The new Royal Enfield Bullet range has had big success after its release last year, but is Vodafone trying to copy the bike? The company is now offering to pay for the purchase of a new bike if you can also upgrade to a new phone, with the new 7 Plus handsets starting at £59. That costs more than the least expensive bike can be bought for, so the offer only really applies to customers that have both a new bike and a new phone.


Motorists were puzzled when they saw that staff at motor garages with Apple Authorised Resellers were refusing to offer the latest iPhone XS because it was not yet officially released. It turns out, that the stock of iPhones has been seized from new buyers and it is not the first time this has happened – even though Apple claims it has put a cap on how many of each new iPhone can be sold.

However, one motorist was so distraught when he realised he wouldn’t be able to buy the XS, that he chose not to pay the waiting fee.

This is because, while stores were giving him credit to pay the waiting fee, the prices of the new phone had already gone up on the Apple website. So if he could make the payment for another iPhone, he could replace his current handset by re-selling it on the open market. The motorist commented on social media that he had been successfully able to sell his iPhone XS to pay for a new Samsung Galaxy X6 in order to buy the XS when it was released. He said he felt very sad about the way he had come to this, saying that his iPhone was “the most important item in my life”, and that it was “no good just hanging around” until his upgrade was complete.

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